The College Holding Conference Celebrating the 33th Teachers¡¯ Day September 8, 2017

via: Dalian art college date: 08/09

September 8, 2017 is the 33rd Teachers¡¯ Day. To commend those ¡°soul engineers¡±, the college held ¡°Conference of the Dalian Art College Celebrating the 33rd Teachers¡¯ Day¡± attended by leaders, part of teachers and students representatives.

Director Zhang Xiaomei presided over the conference. Principal Jiang Maofa announced Decision on Commending Excellent Teachers, Instructors and Advanced Teaching Collectives of the College in 2016-2017; Deputy Principal Zhang Huan announced Decision on Commending Collective and Individual Winning Outstanding Achievements Prize of Practical Teaching in 2016 and 2017 and Decision on Awarding Individual with Outstanding Performance of Applying National Art Fund Project; Deputy Principal Liu Yongfu announced Decision on Awarding Colleagues with Outstanding Performance in Inspecting and Studying the Photograph Exhibition in Taiwan and Cultural and Decision on Commending the Scientific Innovation Garden of Dalian Art College.

The conference commended 76 excellent teachers, 10 excellent instructors and 11 advanced teaching collectives. The conference also commended collective and individual winning Outstanding Achievements Prize of Practical Teaching in 2016 and 2017, colleagues with outstanding performance in inspecting and studying the photograph exhibition in Taiwan and Cultural and Scientific Innovation Garden for their hard-work at their posts and their contributions to the development of the college.  

The Chairman of Union of Students¡¯ Mass Organizations Qin Dan as a student represent extended the most sincere greeting to teachers on the commending conference. Qin Dan said in speech, ¡°Teachers are respectable. From ¡°Tangruowang¡±, ¡°Soul of Sakura¡±, ¡°Peace Ode¡± and to ¡°New Silk Road¡±, these brilliant art masterpieces with lofty artistic conception are full of hard-work and selfless sacrifice of the teachers

The young teacher from the Teaching and Research Office of Image Design and Clothes Performance of Clothes College Liu Heng expressed her gratitude to the college for providing the platform on which she can give full play to her talent and ambition, realize her value, and make contribution to development of the college.

Secretary of Party Committee of the College Yu Aihua made a speech in the conference, pointing out that the Party committee has trained, digged out, summarized and publicized a batch of models of teachers¡¯ ethics and outstanding teachers. From the excellent teachers, we can see the image of ¡°Four Haves¡± good teachers. The faculty should follow the examples to work diligently and positively. 

Secretary Yu Aihua on behalf of Party Committee made the following requests:

Firstly, to strengthen study and improve quality; secondly, to follow the advanced and strive to make innovation; thirdly, to love the college and be diligent and dedicated; fourthly, to set up good examples as teacher and cultivate students.

Lastly, President Wang Xianjun said on the conference that: ¡°this year witnesses reform, innovation and content construction of the college. It is hoped that all the teachers can adhere to the educational ideas, belief and pursue, maintain love and conscience as teacher and stick to teachers¡¯ dignity and nobility. The college thanks every teacher for their support to the college. May everyone of the college can realize beautiful and brilliant dream with us.