Institutional Setup

Teaching Units (Schools)



School of Music  

School of Communication & Media

School of Film & Television

School of Fine Arts
School of Art & Design

School of Fashion

School of Culture and Art Management 

School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Basic Teaching Department
Ideological and Political Department


Party-mass Work Department
College (Party) Office
College Office: Foreign Affairs Office, Archives Center
CPC Committee Office: Publicity Office, Disciplinary Inspection Office, Labor Union Office, Party School, News Center
Students Affairs: League Committee

Teaching Work Department
Dean's Office, Students' Affairs Office, Admission and Employment Office (Admissions), Teachers' Teaching Development Center, Practical Teaching Center
Center for Continuing Education, Educational Technology Center, Equipment Division, Library, Admission and Employment Office (Employment)

Security Work Department
Human Resources Office, Finance Office, Office of General Services, Security Office

Research Institute

 Scientific Research Office, Editorial Office for Internal Data, Research Center for Artistic Anthropology, Research Center for News Transmission and Media Development
Research Center for Intangible Cultural Heritage, Research Center for Higher Art Education, Ikeda Daisaku Research Center, Research Center for European and American Culture
Research Center for Art Investment, Liaoning Academy of Social Sciences - Dalian Branch

Old Campus Management Committee
Old Campus Management Office