Institutional Setup

Teaching Units (Schools)


School of Music  


School of Communication & Media


School of Film & Television


School of Fine Arts

School of Art & Design


School of Fashion


School of Culture and Art Management 


The Party and Administrative Management Departments


Executive Office of The Board / Office of Administration (Archives) /  Office of College Party Committee / Department of The Party Committee Student Affairs 

Media Center / Department of Personnel / Office of Academic Affairs / Scientific Research Department



Office of Studentsí» Affairs (Center of Dormitory Affairs Management, Center of College Studentsí» Psychological Health Education) / Office of Finance / Office of International Exchange & Cooperation  

Administrative Center of Practice Teaching (Center of Art Teaching Practice) / Center of Further Education

Center of Cultural & Creative Development (Office of Performance) / Office of Evaluation & Supervision  /  Office of Admission

Office of Career Development / Department of Armed Forces

Research Units

Division of Humanity and Social Science / Division of Ideology and Politics / Division of Sports / Editorial Office of College Journal /
Research Center of Private Higher Education


Teaching Auxiliary Units

Library / Center of Educational Technology

Logistic Support Departments
Office of Logistics (Section of Administrative Supply, Section of Assets Management, Section of Infrastructure Maintenance, Section of Fire Protection, Office of Energy Conservation)

Office of Infrastructure / Center of Social Services (canteen, fleet, orchard, Daguanjia Cleaning Services Company) /

Section of Security (Daguanjia Security Company) / Infirmary