School of Film & Television

School of Film & Television takes fostering of practical film performance talents as the education target. Currently, students majoring in performance (film performance) account to nearly 600, which makes the School of Film & Television the biggest one among all similar colleges of the whole nation. Major courses include performance, lines, physique education, vocality, and history of drama. The campus art festival would held in every May. The School of Film & Television owns an faculty team with firm political faith and professional occupation level, including both young vitality teachers, but also artists and elder professors famous both in moral and art. The original creation of five-act opera Legend of Xiao Hong Bell on the Tower, was awarded with Second Prize of Playwright in 2011 ¡°Tian Han Drama Prize¡±. Members of the art commission of the college are all artists in play writing, directing, and acting famous in film and television fields. The original creation of body stage play Mu Guiying --- Women General of Yang¡¯s Family was awarded with excellent organization prize and excellent drama prize in the third Chinese Campus Drama Festival. Teachers Huang Xiaoxiao and Zhang Shengqing were awarded with the unique ¡°Chinese Drama Prize --- Excellent Director Prize¡±. The team of School of Film & Television is the first team breaking into the final competition of professional group of Chinese Campus Drama Festival among Liaoning colleges and universities. Mu Guiying --- Women General of Yang¡¯s Family is the first campus drama works awarded with national level prize in Liaoning province.
    Since 2004, graduates of School of Film & Television have reached nearly 1000 during the 8 years. It has fostered batches of professional performance talents. During their stay in the college, they had rehearsal and acted multiple large scale classic dramas, such as Sacrifice, Autumn Begins, A Peaceful Daybreak Be Here, One Master Two Servants, Beauty, De Ling and Ci Xi, etc. In 2011, the original creation stage play Place Nearest to the Sky was awarded with the Third Prize in the 3rd National College Students Art Show by the Ministry of Education, and First Prize of Liaoning Province. Besides, lots of students have played important roles in various stages and films, and have been awarded with various honors as well.
The School of Film & Television is now stepping into the famous colleges of the nation.
The School of Film & Television has always adhered to the teaching principles of ¡°always being honest, always acting wholeheartedly¡±. It aims to foster students to be new film stars featured in excellent moral and quality, good acting skill, quality of being good in many things but expert in one, as well as strong physical condition. We are providing students with a complete set of feasible caring art education system and a cradle for fostering art talents.
All our students, it is the best of time for development. Let¡¯s get hand in hand to develop the School of Film & Television to be the open film star base setting foot on Dalian and facing to all over the nation and the whole world!

School of Film & Television
This is the place where you start your life of art;
This is the place where you realize your dream of star;
This is the place that makes your wings flying in the film sky stronger!
Ideal grows here, art sets sailing here, youth realizes breakthrough here. The School of Film & Television, the place that supports you step forward towards brighter future!