School of Music

School of Music was founded at the same time of founding of the university in 2001. It now contains four majors, respectively: musicology, music performance, performance, and choreography, and eight major fields, including: music education, cultural and art service and management, instruments performance, keyboard instruments performance, pop music, dance performance, and music drama.
School of Music is equipped with good teaching environment and advanced teaching facilities, including capacious piano rehearsal room, dance rehearsal room, multi-media music classroom, advanced digital keyboard room, and multi-functional hall integrating recording, video recording, rehearsal, and performance together. All these facilities are sufficient for satisfying over a thousand of students¡¯ demand for daily teaching, practicing, rehearsal, and performance.
The School of Music owns an outstanding faculty team composing of teachers graduated from conservatory of music that are famous in both home and abroad, such as Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing Dance Academy, China Conservatory of Music, and Vienna Conservatory. They are quite excellent in foundation, professional capability, and practice performance capacity. High quality teaching has always been our goal. And we also adhere to the teaching characteristics of ¡°student-oriented, capacity-oriented, and practice-oriented¡±. We drive topic system construction by performance, focus on fostering of student¡¯s quality of art, strengthen capacity of art practice, and emphasize speciality development of students based on carrying-forward of traditional art education model, thus to realize mining and fostering to excellent art talents.
We pay great attention to the curriculum teaching construction, practice teaching construction, teaching team construction, and teaching study, and have obtained certain achievements. Basic technical music theoretical course Basic Harmony was awarded as the Provincial Outstanding Course in 2008, and the basic music theoretical teaching team was awarded as the Provincial Excellent Teaching Team in 2008; Construction of Musical Performance Course 1+1, 1+X Listening and Understanding Teaching System was awarded the Provincial Third Prize of Teaching Achievement in 2009; our teachers have hosted or participated in editing of multiple teaching materials, including Composition Collection of Traditional Stringed and Woodwind Instruments, and Characteristic Chorus Teaching Book.
The School of Music has formed the practice teaching system under the guide of ¡°consolidated foundation and driven project¡±. We positively organize teachers and students to participate in all levels of music and dance competitions and large scale of performance. In 2010, Student Mo Longdan, majoring in pop music obtained national champion of ¡°Flowers¡± Competition; male chorus of the college visited Fuzhou and participated in chorus competition across Taiwan Straight and obtained gold prize. In 2011, the chorus obtained silver prize by outstanding performance in the ¡°Eighth Chinese Golden Bell Prize for Music Chorus Competition¡±; at the same time, Excellent Teacher Chinese Folk Music Indoor Orchestra of the college visited Bostava of Belarus and participated in the International Folk Music Festival as the art delegation of China and obtained four gold prizes of team competition, individual competition, dance performance and instrument performance; ¡°-30¡æ¡± Indoor Orchestra of our college participated in ¡°64th World Accordion Tournament¡± and obtained gold prize. And in 2012, the cantata of Johann Adam Schall von Bell  was performed firstly in National Grand Theater as the start of the world tour, for which, president and professor of Dalian Art College ¨C Wang Xianjun is the Chief Planner and Chief Director, playwright and professor of college and learner of Matteo Ricci and Johann Adam Schall von Bell study ¨C Luan Zhenming is the lyrics writer, professor of college ¨C Wu Xiaoyun as composer, Italian Chinese and Conductor ¨C Lu Jia is the conductor, China National Symphony Orchestra is the performer, soprano Ke Luwa, tenor Xue Haoyin, and Fu Jialiang, who was the excellent graduate of the college and is now the baritone of Song and Dance Ensemble of the PLA General Political Department are the singers, and teachers and students of Dalian Art College composed mixed chorus is the chorus performer. In July when Liaoning Higher Art Education Institutes Folk Instrument Performance is held with closing ceremony in Shenyang, the folk orchestral music works Search, Fighting against Ghost, and Dance Shadow of the college were awarded with three gold prizes. Jinghu solo Dark Night, bamboo flute solo Little Cattle-breeding, folk orchestral solo White Sail were awarded with three silver prizes. Dalian Art College was awarded with Best Orchestra Gold Prize. And the specially employed professor Gao Dalin was awarded with Best Conductor Prize.
The School of Music is now trying to explore and reform the talent fostering plan, improving teaching quality and scientific study level, and making every item of work more scientific and standard. It takes representing of music education rules and characteristics and representing of music education social, practical, and popular natures as the principles. Based on progress made by innovation, we are now trying to foster more applicable and professional music talents for national cultural industry.