School of Art & Design

School of Art & Design is set with six departments of office, interior design teaching study office, landscape design teaching study office, advertisement teaching study office, decoration teaching study office, and ornament teaching study office. For undergraduate course, we set art design and advertisement majors, including 6 fields of interior environment art design, landscape art design, exposition design, visual expression art design, ornament art design, product shaping design. For professional training course, we set 6 major fields of interior design, landscape design, advertisement design and manufacture, tourism art works design and manufacture, and visual expression. We focus on overall development of students in fields of moral, intelligence, physics, and fine arts. We are aiming to foster them to master basic principles and method of art design, get familiar with process technologies, and understand the frontier development of design, thus to become applicable senior talents in aspects of expressing, designing, implementing, and managing.
The School of Art & Design owns nearly a hundred professional teachers, which have formed an excellent teacher¡¯s team featured in high quality, powerful capacity, and good professional knowledge, as well as the standardized, scientific, and modern teaching management mode. We take parallel importance of theoretical teaching and practice teaching as the principle to rationally set courses; we focus on rational connecting of fundamental course and professional course knowledge structure, upgrading teaching content and method combining with curriculum system, strengthening innovation in primary class teaching, and enlarging practice teaching content in order to let students master a professional skill. Based on theoretical teaching, we positively take advantage of secondary class and third class to enhance practice teaching strength, organize students to participate in various trainings, certificate examinations, independent practice, major competition, and technical service; besides, we set projects of social investigation, visit, technical service, and intern for students as well. In order to cooperate with the practice teaching, we established five studios of ¡°environment art design¡±, ¡°exposition design¡±, ¡°screen printing¡±, ¡°media and design¡±, and ¡°ornament design¡±, and established cooperation with multiple outside campus departments and construction enterprises to set student practice base. We hope to foster students¡¯ spirit of innovation and improve their practical ability via various practice.
For years, the School of Art & Design has kept improving the subject construction and formed stable teacher¡¯s team. Our teaching and researching capacity keeps enhancing and the teaching quality is also improved year by year. We have obtained obvious achievements in all aspects, and formed scientific, standard, and modern sustainable development tendency with ever enhancing social effect.