School of Culture and Art Management

School of Culture and Art Management is the second college affiliated to Dalian Art College. It aims to foster applicable college students meeting regional economic development demand and urgent demand of newly emerged fields of modern service industry and cultural industry based on three fundamental subjects of management, literature, and arts. Currently, we set 6 bachelor¡¯s degree majors of cultural industry management, tourism management, Japanese (Commercial Japanese Field), marketing (Logistics Management Field, exposition planning and management field), e-business, and accounting. Meanwhile, we also set junior college courses of industrial and commercial administration (chain operation), logistics management (customs declaration and forwarder), marketing, e-business (Internet marketing), hotel management, tourism management, secretary, applicable Italian (foreign tour-guide), and applicable Korean; during the 12th Five-year Plan period, in order to adapt to the national development culture soft strength strategy, we have been keeping engaging in academic research, major optimization and talent fostering in newly emerged cultural economic field.
We positively explore the talent fostering characteristics of ¡°overall development of quality and skill, education based on practice innovation and coordination¡±. For multiple years, we have been keeping engaging in teaching reform and innovative educating. We sufficiently take advantages of multi-subject education resources of Dalian Art College to positively carry out cross-subject and cross-major educating cooperation, thus to keep pace with modern commerce, service, and newly emerged industry international development tendency and correctly master the talent market movement, and educate applicable talents.
We have established practice teaching cooperation relations with multiple well-known enterprises in order to positively explore the practical talent educating model innovation by modes of college-enterprise cooperation, professional studio, and virtual enterprise based on economic development demand of Dalian, including Dalian Metro International Shopping Co., Ltd., Dalian Zhifeng Logistics Consultation Service CO., Ltd., China Travel Agency (Liaoning) Co., Ltd., Dalian Shangri-la Hotel Group, Dalian Kerren Hotel Co., Ltd., Dalian Sweetland Hotel, Dalian Fang Yuan CPA Co., Ltd., among which, one enterprise is approved to set project as ¡°Liaoning Out-campus Practice Education Base¡±, and another one enterprise is approved to set project as ¡°Liaoning College Students Employment Example Base¡±.
Students of the school have participated in various competitions inside and outside the campus during their stay in college and have obtained excellent achievements. Student majoring in Italian was awarded with China region excellent prize of World 9th Italian Cultural Week Essay Competition¡± hosted by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy; student majoring in tourism management was awarded with Best Quality Prize of Dalian region of 2009 Miss Tourism International Competition; student majoring in application English was awarded with third prize of Liaoning region in the 5th College English Oral Competition; student majoring in industrial and commercial administration was awarded with second prize of Liaoning ERP enterprise operating simulation competition, etc. Graduates of School of Culture and Art Management have achieved obviously in various types of enterprises and won good reputation on intermediate management posts of Dalian High-Tech Park Zone government department, Dalian Kerren Hotel Co., Ltd., Dalian Tianye Travel Agency, and Dalian Zhifeng Logistics Consultation Service CO., Ltd.; we also have graduates being enrolled by famous universities for master¡¯s degree study, including Dalian Maritime University, Liaoning Normal University, University of Roma; besides, some other excellent graduates become examples of self-employment by their individual efforts, for example, Zhu Yuting, graduate of 2007, set her own Erdos Dian Culture Media Co., Ltd., which organized Erdos World Bicycle Round-City Race which was reported by CCTV.
In aspect of style of study, we adhere to principle of ¡°talent education oriented, moral education oriented, and quality education oriented¡± to positively create good study atmosphere for students. We engage in educating of thoughts, mentality, and professional planning aspects to promote overall development of students. Combining with student characteristics, we adhere to management methods of combining thought care and system management, and individual helping common to enhance practice and targeting performance of student management work. We have good achievements in thought construction, education management, study style construction, employment and student union activity.
School of Culture and Art Management has formed the teaching team composed of professional teachers and industrial experts in aspects of management, economics, foreign languages, and software application, including 40% teachers with deputy professor title or higher, 20% industrial expert rate. This is a teaching team featured in consolidated teaching theory and rich experience in industrial practice. We engage in major construction, teaching, and research in the aim of fulfilling goal of fostering applicable talents. During recent years, we have achieved obviously in teaching quality project construction, mainly including: 3 items of provincial excellent teaching achievement and scientific research achievement, 5 provincial teaching reform projects, 1 provincial excellent course, 2 provincial out-campus practice teaching bases, 20 items of provincial scientific research topics, 1 college-level excellent video public course, 12 college-level scientific research topics, 1 college-level characteristic major, 6 excellent courses, 1 excellent teaching team, 9 teaching reform projects, and 12 scientific research topics. Based on continuous education innovation, we were awarded with 1 second prize of 6th Provincial Higher Education Achievement, 1 first prize, 1 second prize, and 3 third prize of provincial scientific research achievement, as well as over 40 foreign language and economic management teaching materials edited by teachers of various majors.