School of Communication & Media

School of Communication & Media of Dalian Art College is the secondary college set by integriting excellent education resources in order to expand brand advantages of the college and satisfy the demand of the society to talents of communication. It is one of the youngest and most positive secondary colleges with great potential of development. It now has over 2800 students studying for bachelor¡¯s degree and junior college education. It is set with three majors, including broadcasting and hosting art, radio and TV editing and directing, and animation, as well as five major fields of broadcasting and hosting, Japanese program hosting, Korean program hosting, radio and TV editing and directing, and animation.
The School of Communication & Media is featured in good teaching environment and complete facilities. It has the broadcasting classroom, multi-media classroom, tape recording room, television studio, interviewing and editing room, and 3-D animation room with advanced equipment, 2-D animation room, and student art practice activity center, as well as other teaching places and accessory facilities. We have kept long-term and wide cooperation with lots of social groups of all over the nation, and have accomplished abundant of social practice projects.
The shool of media owns an excellent faculty team which is composed of experienced experts and professors in media teaching and practice field, as well as a batch of young and mid-age backbone teachers. Change Wansheng, professor of radio and TV editing and directing, enjoying State Council Special Allowance, once cooperated with Zhang Xiaotian in play writing of soap drama Feiyan of Han Dynasty, which was played in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and South Asia region. Besides, we also invite multiple well known experts to be the guest professor and part-time teacher of the department.
The School of Communication & Media explores rules of teaching by taking talent fostering as the target, and has obtained obvious achievements in teaching related scientific study. All majors have respective outstanding courses, among which, the Language Competence of broadcasting and hosting major is the outstanding course of the college and has been applied for outstanding course to provincial education department.
In 2009, Student Liu Yuanyuan was awarded with the gold prize of ¡°Campus Golden Mike Prize¡±. And in the Dalian College Host Competition held in Nov.2009, we have 5 students participated in the competition and 2 of them were awarded with First Prize.
 ¡°Each age brings forth new genius on this noble land¡±. The School of Communication & Media would further update its concept of education, strengthen teaching reform, and adjusting major fields and course setting properly, and try to improve the teaching quality under the guide of social demand and leading of key and special majors. We shall spare no efforts to construct first class domestic media talents fostering college.