Students of the College Winning the First Prize of CNR Reciting Contest ¨C Dalian Division July 14, 2017

via: Dalian art college date: 14/07

Recently, Hu Yuqi, Duan Hongyu and Song Shuo of broadcasting and hosting major of Grade 2015 respectively won the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Prize of CNR Reciting Contest ¨C Dalian Zone. And the college was also awarded ¡°Excellent Organization Prize¡±.

As one of top reciting contests with the highest level, greatest influence and authority, the CNR Reciting Contest held by China National Radio set off ¡°storm of sound¡± over the country.

Recently, nearly a hundred students took part in the first contest in Dalian Art College. The selection of products and score, matching of clothes as well as natural actions and expressions were perfect and professional. Students could recite clearly and accurately in standard putonghua and vivid language with changeful tones, intonations, sound and rhythms. They used different heights and rhythms of their sounds to match their reciting contents very well, and expressed the meaning correctly in an impressive way.

The top winner Hu Yuqi told the stories between him and his grandma in his original product Grandma¡¯s Illness with deep feeling to express his endless missing to his grandma in remote place and hope that students can accompany their family members more frequently. Duan Hongyu told the story that a pilot of Chinese aircraft carrier fighter who expressed his loyalty to motherland by giving up parachuting to save the fighter when faced with an accident in training. And Song Shuo told the story that overseas peacekeeper Shen Liangliang died a hero's death to save his comrade-in-arms, showing a brave image of Chinese overseas peacekeepers.

The winners of this contest are expected to take part in the final contest of national CNR in Beijing on behalf of Dalian. Let¡¯s look forward to their better performance.

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July 14, 2017