Chen Shibin

via: 大连艺术学院 date: 06/11


Chen Shibin, was born in Anhui in 1957. He is a professor and is now the Dean of the School of Art & Design. He  graduated from the Art Department of Fuyang Teachers College with a Major in Fine Arts and was awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree. He was admitted to the training class of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1990 and 1991, and became the visiting scholar at the Graduate School of the Chinese National Academy of Arts in 2004 and 2005. He has acted as an art editor and a cameraman for many years, working or submitting articles for the Reference News Edition (Hainan), the Hainan Daily, the Investment Guide, the Dalian Daily, the Window of Northeast, the Newspaper in Dalian Development Zone, etc. He was engaged in advertising design and printing design for many years and much of his work has been submitted and published . He designed and bound several books, including Current of Foreign Companies, Fantastic Dalian, Top-20 Multinational Corporations, and The First Industry in China, published by the China Light Industry Press, the China Radio and Television Publishing House, Northeast University Press, the Dalian Publishing House, etc. He has written the book Freehand Sketching of Financial Advertisements (China Financial Publishing House); his advertisements have been chosen for Selections of National Financial Advertisements (Guangxi Arts Publishing House). Some of his paintings have been printed in books and periodicals such as: Chinese Oil Painting (Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts Publishing House), Communication of Chinese Contemporary Paintings (People’s Fine Arts Publishing House) and Attention to Fine Arts (Sichuan Fine Arts Institute Publishing House). He published the Album of Chen Shibin (Northeast University Press). He has held personal and group art exhibitions in Beijing, Nanjing and Ningbo. He has participated at the Beijing International Art Studio Opening Exhibition and China Gallery Expo, and various art exhibitions in Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan. His paintings have been collected by collectors and galleries in America, France, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan. His many responsibilities are: undergraduate teaching of book binding and design, poster and POP design, printing design, film, design basis, etc.; practical teaching: graduation project and thesis guidance (logo design, VI, sample design and webpage design); practical teaching and scientific research: topic research on advanced course Packaging Design in Liaoning province; topic research on platform of elementary courses (this school); newspaper layout design in The Opening Up Guider – Dalian and the image packing design for News Communication; the design director for the Xianjin Meida (Dalian) Co., Ltd.