Niu Zhiqiang, the Chief Executive of Audition for the Global Chinese Spring Festival Gala, Visited the College to Observe the Performance March 10, 2017

via: Dalian art college date: 10/03

On March 10, Niu Zhiqiang, an outstanding Chinese entrepreneur in China and the principal of Audition for the Global Chinese Spring Festival Gala showed up in the 101 Theater to watch the performance, accompanied by Chairman Wang Xianjun, Vice President Gao Dalin, Dean's Adviser RuanZhenming and Dean of the School of Communications Xin Lu.


At the performance site, teachers and students from the School of Music jointly displayed ten programs for audition experts. Among them, there were many classical dance performances, such as "Life in a Dream", folk dance "Send Me a Rose", solo dance "Nostalgia", original folk dance "Painted Bamboo" and folk dance "Hanqin • Belle", as well as accordion solo "Lake Baikal", double violin "Navarre" (a Spanish dance music), national chamber music "Song of Joy" and solo " Happiness and Joy", "Happy Folk Song "," Red Cock withHairyLegs ","A Folklore of Baloonflower" with instruments, and other vocal works. The wonderful performance of teachers and students won the bursts of applause from the leaders at the scene.


After the performance, Niu Zhiqiang, director of this audition, pointed out: "There is no shortage of highlights in these programs. Some teachers and students are very optimistic about the performance. If the details are polished and innovated, there will be a remarkable product "

It is understood that the Global Chinese Spring Festival Gala aims at carrying forward the fine traditional Chinese culture, promoting Chinese traditional festivals, unifying the Chinese in the world and jointly planning and implementing cultural promotion projects by domestic and foreign media organizations.


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March 10, 2017