The 19th anniversary of our college came to a successful conclusion

via: Dalian art college date: 09/08

Jointly hosted by the College League Committee and the Students’ Affairs Office, and organized by the Student Union, the “19th Anniversary Party of Dalian Art College” was officially staged at the Music Square at 19:30 on June 28. Wang Xianjun, chairman and secretary of the CPC Committee of our college, Wang Jing, executive director, Jiang Maofa, president of the college, and other school leaders attended the college anniversary party.

The party included: sand painting performance, song and dance mix, catwalk show of Sichuan opera face-changing, sketch original, scene recitation and special birthday celebration from the college student union. Although there was a slight rain at the scene of the party, it did not extinguish the enthusiasm of the DACs people and made everyone feel the spirit of the college's ups and downs and continuous progress.

After the party, the chairman and all the colleges leaders came on stage to meet the performers and cordially take a group photo with them. For a long time, all the performers and the audiences did not want to leave the stage and sang the school song of DAC Symphony. The party well received unanimous praise from the students and teachers.