First Homecoming Day of the College June 24, 2017

via: Dalian art college date: 24/06

On June 24, although nonstop rain in coastal city Dalian, it can¡¯t dampen the enthusiasm of homecoming. Early in the morning, nearly 300 alumni with their family members arrived at beautiful Dalian Art College from home and abroad to experience their college life and love for the college again.

At half past ten in the morning, the college held a welcoming ceremony for homecoming at No. 1 canteen to celebrate the gathering time between college¡¯s leaders (including Chairman Wang Xianjun, President Jiang Maofa, Vice President Wang Xianzhang, Vice President Liu Yongfu, vice president Liang Yun, Professor and President Consultant Huang Jinsheng, Vice Head of Student Admission and Employment Office and director of alumni association Cai Tianyi, directors of relevant departments) and alumni.

During the feast, professor Liu Fusha from School of Music, one of the teachers in the first batch, showed her feelings of college¡¯s development and friendly welcome to alumni. A representative of graduates Wang Shan from Grade 2010 majoring Broadcasting and Anchoring returned the college from Tibet Lhasa or ¡°roof of the world¡±, across over 4,000-mile way and said: ¡°We have gathered here from all over the world, then dispersed after graduation. Today, as one of the alumni, thanks Dalian Art College for giving us a chance to go back.¡± A representative of students at college Qin Dan from Grade 2015 majoring Broadcasting and Anchoring welcomed senior students and decided to learn from them, to become a qualified talent regardless of the trouble and obstacles so as to repay the college for its cultivation.

On seeing so many familiar people, Chairman Wang Xianjun said excitedly: ¡°Today, being in the old campus, I feel that we¡¯ve been in 17 years ago. This canteen is where we have eaten together; this campus is where we have grown together; this path is where we have walked together! Like I always say, where there is the luster, there must be the place for our students. Hope you often come back!¡±

In new campus, there is a stone tablet situated among the lush green plants and engraved the ¡°Woods for Alumni¡± to express Chairman Wang Xianjun¡¯s great expectation on students. This bloodstone exploited from Longsheng, Guangxi is the same part as that stone engraved college¡¯s name, meaning the continuous innovation and development of Dalian Art College¡¯s blood and spirit. There are 15 trees in the woods respectively donated by 15 alumni, who have been the best in their own position. The trees representing the development of talents will become the indispensable part of annual alumni day and a more beautiful landscape in the next few years.

Chairman Wang Xianjun always cares about students¡¯ development, thus for him, that day was his children homecoming day. In the morning, Chairman Wang Xianjun came to the scene early; in the afternoon, he talked with the alumni, full of laughter and happiness, which presented a harmonious family reuniting occasion. Furthermore, all subordinate colleges held welcoming ceremony and exchange symposium in various ways, making memory full of happiness and feelings.

In recent years, college integrated the practical teaching into all kinds of shows, performances as well as competitions, such as today¡¯s ¡°The Silk Road¡± played by national orchestra and ¡°Peace Trilogy¡± (including ¡°Tangruowang¡±,¡°Soul of Sakura¡± and ¡°Peace Ode¡±once played in The Great Hall of the People), as well as the large art play to be created in this year based on ¡°The Belt and Road¡±initiative. ¡°Education is a soul awakening another soul.¡± The original music play Please Stay for Love presented a story about the senior artist of School of Music, professor Zhan Surong. She devoted herself to the 16-year education with her enthusiasm on education and efforts on cultivating qualified talents, which touched every alumnus. The graduation pieces of School of Fashion made their debut in Dalian Fashion Week, showing the radiance of fashion front. The shows including¡°Where is the Time¡¯s Track¡± and ¡°Flying Soon for Mother Earth¡± were also wonderful.

Many alumni were excited about the first homecoming day. Let¡¯s take a look on what they said before our camera.

Zhou Zhen, graduate of Grade 2006 majoring Sculpture

Thanks to the homecoming day, I have seen the familiar campus, sculpture area, and my teachers and classmates, then the memory of college¡¯s life sprung up my mind. I remember that time, with the help of teachers, I started my own business and did a lot of social practice, accumulating rich experience. Especially when facing troubles and problems, college gave me a lot of help. So that even after I graduated so many years, I have avoided so many unnecessary things. Thus, the most wanted thing for me today is to express my gratitude to the college. At present, I have noticed that the college has put its emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship. I hope it will have influence on the juniors, to cultivate their social adaptability. Lastly, I hope the juniors will develop together with the college to become better and better.

Xu Yanxin,graduate of Grade 2009 majoring Broadcasting and Anchoring

I love the city and especially the college in it. The college is my second home. I was rather excited when the college was close to me in the morning. When looking around half of the campus, I had a very sharp recollection of my time spent here in the past. Only after graduation do I know my days in college are so memorable, especially the striving spirit and positive attitude! They are always my best memories! Teachers still remember every student! I felt I was at home! The college and teacher helped me much. In the college, after joining the Study Department of Youth League Committee, I developed the habit of reading and studying, and made two best friends so far. During internship, I was lucky to study in the News Center, Employment Office and the college! Through identity change, I better felt the great efforts made by teachers for students, especially their time and energy sacrificed behind! Thanks to a recommendation letter from a teacher of my major, I had the first job in my life when I was deeply lost. She has been engaging in it till now. Thus, she said she had kept the words ¡°I love Dalian Art College and will always be with it¡±. And she was greatly touched by this return to the college. How warm and moving the ¡°home¡± prepared elaborately by the college for us was! Our college told us through the activity four years after graduation that it would never forget anyone! I am proud to be a student of Dalian Art College!

Yu Wenjia, graduate of Grade 2008 majoring Clothing Design

It is of great pleasure for me to be invited by the college to participate in the first homecoming day. Today¡¯s raining reminds me of the life spending with my sisters. I am greatly touched by today¡¯s Park of Culture and Creativity. I started a trading company after graduation, so I think the establishment of Park of Culture and Creativity is beneficial to the juniors. I hope they will be worthy of college¡¯s efforts and their own youth.

Wang Shan, graduate of Grade 2010 majoring Broadcasting and Anchoring

I returned from Tibet Lhasa, over 4,000 miles away from Dalian with altitude difference of over 3,000 meters. I feel very affectionate to see our playground, 72 steps, boston ivy and previous broadcasting station. The most impressive thing for my college¡¯s life is morning practice. In the year we left college, the freshmen moved into the new campus. I am looking forward to seeing the new campus for I haven¡¯t studied at that new campus. I hope the college will develop better and better, and we will often come back.

Gao Pengfei, graduate of Grade 2005 majoring Music and Performance

My visit of five-channel studio exhibits the development of the college, the advancement of modern digital teaching model as well as the practical platform for students to perform skills. The original symphony masterpiece¡°Peace Ode¡±, which provides chance for the juniors to show themselves and receives the highly praise from all social sectors, really shocked me. When I was a student, everyone hoped that there would be a perfect concert to perform in the college¡¯s Symphony Orchestra and chorus, even in grand theater, that would be very proud. I hope the juniors will actively participate in social practical activities to find their direction under the diversified era of digital media. I wish the college can achieve greater achievements in the future development, and create more television media!

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June 24, 2017