Launching ceremony and scheme of long-distance running activity in winter for sunshine sports in Dalian Art College

via: Dalian Art College date: 04/01



In order to fully implement and carry out spiritual requirements of Notice on Conducting 7th Long-distance Running Activity in Winter for Sunshine Sports of Billions of Student around the Country (Y.G.B [2023] file No. 010) released by Ministry of Education and relevant documents from Education Department of Liaoning, and further promote vigorous development of sunshine sports for students in our college, the College Sports Steering Committee decided deeply conduct long-distance running activity in winter with theme of ¡°self-improvement starting from long-distance running¡± in students.

I. Activity name

Launching ceremony of long-distance running activity in winter for sunshine sports in Dalian Art College

II. Activity theme

Self-improvement starting from long-distance running

III. Host unit of the activity

The Students Affairs Department

IV. Activity organizer

Sports teaching and research office of basic department, each secondary college

V. Activity time

11:00 at noon on November 19, 2013

VI. Activity location

Football courts  of the college

VII. Organization member

General commander: Li, Changyuan
        Vice general commander: Yu, Yonggong and Cheng, Changdong

Executive commander: Zhang, Yi, Liu, Wujun, Xing, Qingjiang, and teacher in sports teaching and research office

VIII. Activity content

1. The host introduce leaders at present.

2. Vice president Li, Changyuan makes speech.

3. Student representative makes speech.

4. Director Cheng, Changdong announces to start long-distance running in winter for sunshine sports. Division head shoots starting gun.

5. 350 excellent athletes representative leas participating students to start long-distance running activity.

6. Long-distance running route:

Football courts ¡ú front of flower bed of library ¡ú main asphalt road in north ¡ú fashion building ¡ú turn and run to the south ¡ú Fenghuang sculpture ¡ú turn and run to the east ¡ú football courts.

IX. Duties and labor division of each work

1. Leading group of launching ceremony

Group leader: Yu, Yonggong

Vice group leader: Zhang, Yi and Liu, Wujun

Group members: Xing, Qingjiang, Wang,Zhiliang, Jiang, Shuman, Yu, Yongchuan, Wu, Cunguang, Kong, Xianggong, Wang, Taibin, Shi, Changsheng, Ren, Xin, He, Xiuduo and Wang, Li

2. Participants

50 students from each branch college (25 males and 25 females). There are total 350 students. The students participating must be in good health and able to finish specified distance.

3. Division of work duties

(1). The Students Affairs Department

Be responsible for implementing such works as to formulate scheme of launching ceremony, arrange activity space, and select long-distance running route etc. The specific contents will be officially implemented after negotiated with sports teaching and research office and approved by college leaders.
      (2). Each secondary school

Be responsible for mobilizing and organizing students in our college to actively take part in activities. Students participating shall gather at designed place on football field at 10:50 on November 19. Appoint instructors to take charge of discipline and safety and safety, and make sure to earnestly be implemented; students who attend in activity must wear school uniform and wear sneakers.

Each colleges must carefully organize and implement education work with respect to thought and safety etc. It¡¯s necessary to warn students strictly obey the command to ensure activity is run safely and smoothly.

 (3). Sports teaching and research office

Be responsible for coordination, organization and other specific work of the activity, and prepare the starting gun.

(4). The Student Union and Students¡¯ Association Union

Be responsible for volunteer service and security work for activity scene and along the long distance.

(5). Security Department

Be responsible for security, traffic guidance and other work for activity scene and along the long distance.

(6). The Infirmary

Be responsible for the emergency work for the activity, and prepare sufficient necessary medical instrument and equipment, and first-aid medicine etc.

(7). Logistics

Before 15:00 on November 17th, environmental sanitation at stadium shall be well done, and banners for opening ceremony shall be prepared and hung (the content is ¡°Launching ceremony of long-distance running activity in winter for sunshine sports in Dalian Art College¡±).
(8). Performance center

Be responsible for connecting microphone, audio and other equipment before 10:00 on November 18, and guarantee the sound during the whole activity.

(9). Press center

Be responsible for shooting camera, taking photo, writing articles and releasing news on Campus Network on the very day.

The Students Affairs Department
November 15, 2013