A New Recording Studio of the School Officially Put into Use July 5, 2017

via: Dalian art college date: 05/07

On July 4, a new recording studio of the school was officially put into use. President Wang Junxian and Art Director of the College Gao Dalin attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

It is known that many parts of the studio were moved from foreign countries including Denmark, America, Finland, Germany and Austria. To this end, the college especially provided a room to install them, equipped various sound-proof facilities and arranged staff responsible for use and maintenance of the equipment. After the ceremony, President Wang Junxian asked the using staff to manage, use and maintain the equipment well in daily work so that they can play greater role in teaching activities of teachers and students.

According to Art Director Gao Dalin, the recording studio does not only meet teaching requirements of the college, but also is the development trend of the future. Due to the high requirements on supporting management system, teaching staff and teaching schemes, there are few higher schools boasting the kind of teaching equipment. It is worth mentioning that the recording studio with the equipment can not only record various songs and instrument performance, but also conduct stereo mix, intonation repair and multi-track mixing.

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July 5, 2017