The third ¡°Labor Union Cup¡± skill contest of instructor profession successfully ended

via: Dalian Art College date: 04/01

   Conclusion on the third ¡°Labor Union Cup¡± skill contest of instructor profession in Dalian Art College

   To further enhance overall quality of the instructors, improve their skill levels and strengthen their team construction, Dalian Art College earnestly holds the third ¡°Labor Union Cup¡± skill contest of instructor profession in accordance with the spirit of Notice on Holding the Third Skill Contest of Instructor Profession in Liaoning Province issued by Office of Liaoning Education Department.  

   This contest obtained great attention from college leaders from the very beginning of preparation. College Labor Union offered special funds support. As the organizer, the Students Affairs Department carefully planed this contest from the day when receiving notification and organized all instructors consciously and actively to prepare the contest. Based on the latest requirements from the province, 7 rounds were set up, which are ¡°test for basic knowledge¡±, ¡°blog article and document writing¡±, ¡°theme activity¡±, ¡°self-introduction and work demonstration¡±, ¡°case analysis¡±, ¡°heart-to-heart talk¡± and ¡°topic speech¡±. The contest was carried out in two stages:

I. Stage of preliminary contest

    The preliminary contest consisted of ¡°test for basic knowledge¡± and ¡°blog article and document writing¡±. The ¡°test for basic knowledge¡± was carried out by method of closed-book exam. The test questions cover Marxist theory, professional knowledge in ideological and political education, construction of Party and class, education guidance, daily affairs management, network ideological and political education, career planning and employment guidance, psychological health education, crisis response and other theory and knowledge related to work field, as well as politics of current events, legal laws and regulations, etc. It mainly examined knowledge reserves and business skills which are necessary for instructors to develop student work. Instructors who participated in the contest calmly took the exam and unhurriedly made answers to show the proficiency of mastering and using relevant theoretical knowledge. ¡°Blog article and document writing" mainly examined instructors¡¯ writing ability and capability and skills to apply network to develop  ideological and political education work for college students. ¡°Blog article¡± required instructors to write a blog article with topic of ¡°where all the time go¡± and title proposed by themselves. The form and work number are not limited. Many bog articles from instructors told the expectation and love to students with affectionate tone, and it¡¯s very touching. ¡°document writing¡± was to require instructors writing a punishment of discipline violation for student. This is one of the common official document in their work. Many instructors were able to write regularly.

    The preliminary contest was held in Faculty of Media of Class Room 207 at 13:00 to 15:30 on March 5. 40 on-the-job instructors in our college participated in the contest. Finally, 20 instructors stood out from the crowed to successfully enter into the finals.

                                    Written test - instructors are carefully answering questions

II. The final stage

20 instructors from 7 secondary colleges conducted fierce competition in the finals.

(I). Evaluation of ¡°theme activity¡±

    In the morning of March 10, evaluation of ¡°theme activity¡± started. The evaluation contents are planning book of theme class meeting or theme education activity submitted by instructors who participated in the contest and video CD organized and implemented on site. Each participant seriously prepared. The participating content involved in heart communication, teamwork, class honor and career planning, target management, action to realize reams, time management, campus civilization, construction of study style and thankful education, etc., the activity theme was distinctive with specific content and clear goal clear, and it¡¯s easy to be understood and accepted by students. The enthusiasm of learning and participation is high, and the education effect is good.

                                       ¡°200 days I stay with my class¡± organization scene of theme activity
(III). Competition on site

     From 12:30 to 3:30 at afternoon of March 13, major competitions of the finals were carried out in the Multi-function Hall. The college party secretary Yu, Aihua and vice president Liu, Yongfu who mainly takes charges of student work presented the contest. The head of Basic Department Cheng, Changdong and five teacher in the Students Affairs Department worked as judges. The secretary, instructor, dormitory affair instruction and some student representatives from each secondary college watched the contest. The contest was related with each other and conducted in turn:

         Representative team comes to the stage with blinking - representative team of Faculty of Film and Television comes to the stage

    1. Self-introduction and work demonstration: Instructors use PPT, small video, music and other forms to introduce and demonstrate individual situation and the characteristic work. They got applause from the audience uninterruptedly through their affectionate occupational speech and graceful bearing.

                                       Self-introduction and demonstration of elegant demeanour

2. Case analysis: cases designed by the contest involved in Students¡¯ :dormitory interpersonal relationship, nonobservance of school discipline, psychological health, uncivilized behavior in campus, truancy, fight, etc. The participants could calmly analyze and put forward countermeasures to show their deep understanding on work and to reflect their good professional quality and ability.


                                                 Contestant performs excellently, and audience carefully listen to.

    3. Topic speech: contestants made speeches with spiritual attitude or passionate or ardent affection against unprepared speech titles, such as ¡°love is the eternal theme song for education¡±. ¡°erect moral and cultivate talents¡±, ¡°faithfully fulfill one¡¯s duty¡±, ¡°ordinary jobs but excellent pursuit¡±, ¡°impart knowledge and educate people, and moral education prevails¡±, ¡°respect the job and love students - teachers¡¯ principle¡±, ¡°tomorrow and starting point¡±, ¡°teachers should teach oneself first, and cultivate people from mind teaching¡±, ¡°where all time go¡± and ¡°five stresses, four points of beauty, three loves¡± etc. This made judges and audience under the stage constantly infected or deeply moved.


                                                    The constant is affectionately making speech

    4. Heart-to-heart talk: Heart-to-heart talk is that instructors communicate with roles played by members in College Students Union. It¡¯s designed to examine instructors¡¯ communication skill, knowledge in psychology,  language expression ability and other professional qualities. Instructors enlighten them with reason and move them with emotion against various troublesome problem students designed by the contest. Instructors made students sincerely convinced and receive their educations through heart to heart talk with them. It reflected instructors¡¯ noble feelings and good professional quality to love students.


                                   The instructor is making a heart-to-heart talk with a student

    Through fierce competition, School of Communication & Medial, School of Music, School of Film &Television were awarded with the first group prize, the second group prize and the third group prize respectively. Five instructors from School of Communication & Medial won individual comprehensive prize, including Zhang, Pu. 17 instructors from School of Music won individual single awards, including Quan, Mei.


                        Vice president Liu, Yongfu is taking photo with winners of the first group prize


                           Participating instructors took photo with college leaders for memory

    Finally, vice president Liu, Yongfu made comments on the contest, expressed his celebration to those who achieved success on behalf of the college, spoke highly of excellent performance of each participating instructor, praised professional quality and versatile of the participating instructors, and put forward his expectation on all instructors: to make persistent efforts, constantly improve self comprehensive quality, respect the job and love students, erect morality and cultivate talents, enhance life value and be a pathfinder and navigator for students to be grown-ups and successful people.

The Students Affairs Department of Dalian Art College
                                    March 14th, 2014