Psychological health day series of ¡°I love myself¡±

via: Dalian Art College date: 04/01

   The pronunciation of ¡°525¡± in Chinese is similar to ¡°I love myself¡± in English. The day on May 25, every year is ¡° psychological health day for national college and secondary school students¡±. It¡¯s designed to advocate college students to care about themselves, value their lives, grasp opportunities, create  the road to success, and care others and care the society through caring self.

   From May 20 to May 24, with carefully planed by teacher Ma, Chunfeng, the activity of the eighth student psychological health day was conducted at our college, which was hosted by Psychological Health Education Center of the Students Affairs Department and undertook by Psychological Association. The activity theme is ¡°Chinese Dream, Campus Love, Students Heart¡±.

(I). Advertisement of activity display board
   Students in Psychological Association designed and produced two large print posters, and introduced the meaning of psychological health day, activity arrangement and psychological health knowledge related to college students. The posters were centrally displayed and advertised in front of the music building to open this psychological health day. Students in Psychological Association also carried out three-day advertising activity on broadcasting station and campus network.

(II). Performance of psychological play
   At 9:30 a.m. on May 22, Psychological Health Education Center of the Students Affairs Department organized the first performance of campus metal play in our college. Student Wang, Yu whose major is film choreographer in 2012 was the playwright. Five students in Class 5 majoring in film performance in 2012 jointly performed campus psychological sitcom My College Dream of Love. Through the love stories of three students, it truly reappear college students¡¯ psychological conflict and confusion in love, and demonstrated that the contemporary college students realize the true meaning of love after going through selfishness, caprice and immaturity. The plot is contagious to constantly win applause from audience, and also bring moving and thought to them.
(III). Psychological lecture of college students¡¯ love
    At 10:00 a.m. on May 22, teacher Ma, Chunfeng who is the teacher of Psychological Health Education Center of the Students Affairs Department and the national secondary psychological consultant brought an excellent lecture about love on college campus to 160 students from 7 branch colleges. 
    On the lecture, teacher Ma took personal events happening to students around as the breakthrough point, demonstrated the meanings of the love, the features of college students in love, psychological development stage in love and psychological problems and response methods in love of college students with humorous languages. She made students have correct and thorough understanding on love by teaching through lively activities, adopting method of interaction with students and in form of reading love poetry and watching live short play. Teacher Ma vividly illustrated the truth of "as love is like the sea, it¡¯s instinct to swim into, while it¡¯s ability to swim out¡±; she taught students shall not only be decisive and brave, but also shall be faithful and single-minded by ¡°breaking-up is the beginning of growth¡±, so that every student presented understood that the true meaning and responsibility of love. This lecture had many all climaxes and applause. This lecture is intended to guide college students how to rationally fall into love, hold right attitude attitude toward love, and properly handle love relationships. It has positive significance in health and optimistic life of contemporary college students.
(IV). Group psychological counseling for college students - group psychological game
    At 1:30 p.m. on May 23, group psychological counseling for college students - group psychological games was carried out on the playground. The psychological games selected were ¡°blind triangle¡±, ¡°journey together against the rain and storm¡±, ¡°unfallen forest¡±, and ¡°quick links¡± etc. Through the games, students have mutual cooperation to achieve consensus, accept strengths of others, learn from others¡¯ strong points to offset one's weakness, and cultivate spirit and awareness that students have in team cooperation; through the games, it helped students improve interpersonal skills, made many students reflect on their insufficiency existed, enhance mutual trust, and close distance between each other. Through the games, it helped build trust and cooperation wit others, strengthen collective consciousness and cohesive affinity, and it¡¯s beneficial for students to build a new social support system; Through the games, it can also help psychological teachers of the college discover the hidden problems existed in the students in time, and lay a solid foundation for ideological education and psychological counseling in the future.

    This psychological health day passed psychological health knowledge and concepts to each students through activity in form of different styles, vivid and profound meaning, and further improved attentions that students paid to psychological health and psychological health level of the students. In the future, the Psychological Health Education Center will unceasingly summarize work experience and continuously focus on the effectiveness and pertinence of the activities to promote psychological health education work in our college will step to a new stage.


Source: the Students Affairs Department  Adding time: June 3, 2013