The The "Kan Tai-Keung Design Award Global Chinese Design Competition"Winning Entries'Roadshow Officially Launched June 18, 2017

via: Dalian art college date: 18/06

On June 17, the 2016"Kan Tai-Keung Design Award Global Chinese Design Competition"Winning Entries'Roadshow and Holland Action Dalian Art Academy Station Opening Ceremony was held in the Atrium of the School of Art& Design. Kan showed up in our college for his third time with Mr. Wu Yong, a famous designer and professor, and the director of the Department of Graphic Design under the Cheung Kong School of Art & Design, Mr. Xu Tao, the President of Lotus Flower Design College, CDS China Designers¡¯ Saloon Standing Director, and Vice Secretary-General, Mr. Wang Hongmin, the co-founder of Lotus Flower Series¡¤Educational Practice Movement and the Secretary-General of Lotus Flower Series, Mr. Liu Juntao, a member of the Shenzhen Graphic Design Association, fonder of Jianshan 816 and and Brand Leader of Records of Rare Things, Mr. Shi Cheng, the Vice President of Nanjing Graphic Designers¡¯ Federation and founder of Zhicheng Creative Design Co., Ltd., Mr. Gao Peng, a teacher from the Design School of Communication University of Shanxi and founder of Juexi Creativity, Mr. Shi Changhong, the partner and Design Director of Guizhou Sunshine Design, and Mr. Yang Zi, the Creative Director of Shanghai Jianxin Creative Culture and Communication. They jointly witnessed the beginning of the opening ceremony.


As a special guest of the event, Mr. Kan Tai-Keung made an opening speech on stage. In his speech, he talked about his profound experience of visiting Dalian Art College three times and felt our enthusiasm. He hoped that through the event, the learners could be improved in design level and the groundwork for future artistic activities could be consolidated. Mr. Zhang Huan, Vice President of the College and Mr. Wang Hongmin, the co-founder of the Lotus Flower Series¡¤Educational Practice Movement, delivered welcoming speeches respectively.


At the opening ceremony, Dean Chen Shibin of the School of Design introduced to the students at the scene that in addition to the roadshow of the winning entries at the Global Chinese Design Competition, Kan will also come into our classroom for a multi-day master workshop with all students. In addition, Prof. Wu Yong from the Cheung Kong School of Art & Design at Shantou University gave an academic lecture entitled "Involving ¡¤ Design". More best designers of the ¡°Lotus Flower Series¡± would start their workshop at the same time. A feast of art design is to be presented in Dalian Art College.


Background information

The "Kan Tai-Keung Design Award Global Chinese Design Competition"Winning Entries'Roadshow has been held for three consecutive sessions. The Competition, founded by Mr. Kan Tai-Keung, has been dedicated to promoting the development of Chinese art and design education with internationally advanced design ideas and original and local design works, and guiding students on design thinking and philosophy with strict evaluation standards. Among the winning entries, sixsilver medal winning entries from classmate Yang Ruiting at the Grade 2014 of Visual Communication are included. Last year witnessed the first holding of ¡°Lotus Flower Movement¡± in our college, and this time, it came as scheduled.


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June 18, 2017