Liu Shuang

via: 大连艺术学院 date: 06/11


Liu Shuang, is the vice dean of the School of Art & Design, a member of the Dalian Vocational Skills Expert Certifying Commission, a lecturer, an interior architect and an engineer in computer art design. He has won first prize in the competition for top ranked college-level courses, the prize for excellence in a provincial teaching competition and was awarded the esteemed titles of excellent teacher in Dalian and junior teacher in Liaoning Province. He has published several national theses on art education and earned 2 provincial awards for scientific research topics. He compiled several teaching materials and books, including Design of Living Space, Design Color, Color Composition, Practical Course in Landscape Planning and Design and 800 Questions about Cost of Landscaping Projects. He has completed multiple interior design projects for offices, hotels, institutions, etc.