"Dialogue with Nature"Ikeda Daisaku Photography Exhibition Opened April 23, 2017

via: Dalian art college date: 23/04


On April 24, a Japanese delegation consisting of Nagaoka Ryuki, the Director General of JapanSoka Gakkai International Bureau of Foreign Affairs,Tetsuo Kohakuchuchi, the Vice Minister of International Bureau II of Foreign Affairs, and its Deputy Director Kawabata Koichi, and the consultant Osamu Asai of ¡°Dialogue with Nature Photography Exhibition¡± visited the College and participated in activities, accompanied by Mr. Gok Keiji, Honorary President of China-Japan Friendship Association of Ishikawa-ken, Japan, Mr. Yuan Mindao, Secretary-General of China-Japan Friendship Association, Mr. Wang Hongjun, Director of Foreign Affairs (Overseas Chinese) Office of Dalian City, Mr. Qu Shicheng, Secretary-General of Dalian People¡¯s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries.


At the International Cooperation and Exchange Center of library, Chairman Wang Xianjun and President Jiang Maofa and other college leaders received the guests and exchanged gifts with them.


Afterwards, at the Art Museum of Dalian Art College, the opening ceremony of "Dialogue with Nature"Ikeda DaisakuPhotography Exhibition was held. The ceremony was presided over by Vice PresidentWang Xianzhang. President Jiang Maofa of Dalian Art College delivered a welcome speech. Subsequently, Secretary-General of the China-Japan Friendship Society, Yuan Mindao, and Director of the Bureau of International Affairs of Japan Soka Gakkai Foundation made a speech respectively and expressed their desire to promote friendly exchanges.


The leaders announced the opening of "Dialogue with Nature"Ikeda DaisakuPhotography Exhibition together by pressing the ball. It is reported that "Dialogue with Nature" Ikeda Daisuke PhotographyExhibition presented audiences the beauty of full moon, cherry blossom, clouds and the sunset by everlasting photos. The exhibition will be held from April 24 to May 8, and any students with interest in this regard may go to the art galleries orderly during the exhibition.


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April 23, 2017