Xiang Chengxue

via: 大连艺术学院 date: 06/11


Xiang Chengxue, a professor and the Dean of the School of Fine Arts, is a member of Chinese Artists Association, the president of Dalian Oil Painting Academy and a distinguished painter of the Dalian Art Academy. He was graduated from the Department of Fine Arts at Northeast Normal University with a major in Oil Painting. He has participated in several large-scale art exhibitions since 1989, such as the 7th National Art Exhibition, the 2nd National Sports and Art Exhibition, the National Landscape Oil Painting Invitation Exhibition, the 1st China Oil Painting Competition, the National Art Exhibition in memory of the 50th Anniversary of lectures in Yan’an forum on literature and art, the 1st China Custom Oil Painting Exhibition, the oil painting exhibition for former Soviet Union and Inner Mongolia ethnic art, the oil painting exhibition for Hong Kong and Inner Mongolia ethnic art , the 6th Asia Art Exhibition and China-Japan – South Korea Art Communication Exhibition. He has won the Dalian Art Academic Award and Gold Prize, the oil painting silver prize in the Liaoning “art exhibition in 50 glorious years” and the silver prize in the “exhibition of new works of the Guangdong School in the three northeast provinces of China”. He has published the Gallery of Oil Paintings of Xiang Chengxue. He has been invited to visit America, Italy and France. He held a personal art exhibition at St Mary’s College in Maryland, U.S. and in Dortrara and Alba, Italy.