School of Film & Television and Communication & Media cared the growth of students and deepened the awareness of service

via: Dalian art college date: 09/08

1. Counselors of graduates made preparation for senior students’ returning to campus

Adhering to the educational concept of "everything for the students", from March 25 to March 29, Xu Shuman, Yang Manli, Wang Rui and Ren Weiliang, the counselors of graduates, successively carried out a large number of preparations before returning to campus, providing convenience for senior graduates.

On the morning of March 25, Cai Tian Yi, secretary of Party General Branch, called counselors of graduates for a meeting in C304. At the meeting, Cai Tian Yi stressed that there should be no small matter in student work, graduate work should be a top priority, and our every move would affect the future of a child and be related to the happiness of a family, so we must do a solid and firm job for the graduates, really do "everything for the students" and serve the students. Subsequently, through the coordination of Xu Shuman, counselors of graduates orderly promoted the preparation before students’ returning to campus. From combing the graduation registration form and the degree examination and approval form to filling in the student-related information, from sorting out the student files to pasting the students' photos of physical examination; from ordering adequate cloth bags to remaindering students of attentions after returning to school, let senior graduates who would return to campus feel the warmth of "home".

2. Moisten things without words but with warm heart, counselors paid attention to the health of sick students

Spring is a period of high incidence of all kinds of diseases. Recently, many college students had flu, fever, and other sicknesses. Xing Qingjiang, Jia Nan, and Ren Weiliang, the counselors, often went deep into dormitories and school hospitals to visit sick students, asking students to pay attention to take rest and good care of themselves. On the afternoon of March 28, Ren Weiliang brought the sick students to the hospital in time and nursed them late into the night. At the same time, he contacted the parents for communication at the first time, which provided a guarantee for the safety of the students.

3. The college held a special meeting on the further promotion of the work of the four students

On the morning of March 27, Cai Tianyi, general secretary of the Party Branch, held a meeting of counselors in C304 on how to promote the work of the "four students." Zhao Yang, a counselor, at the meeting said that the work of "four students" was always a feature of the management of ideological and political education in our campus, and doing a good job of "four students" was not only convenient for class management, but also conducive to the construction of the style of study of the college. The key to the work of "four students" was the counselor. How to do the work of "four students" well depended on how the counselors led. The counselor should treat the students equally and avoid simply dividing the good students from the bad students. At the meeting, Secretary Cai Tianyi stressed that counselors should further promote the work of the "four students", at the same time, they should pay attention to and guide ordinary students, and should not only grasp both ends and ignore the middle. Although each counselor had a different way of dealing with students, they should adhere to the concept of being close to students, approaching students and serving students, which was also the core and top priority for us to carry out the work of "four students".