Study the spirit of the Sixth Plenum of the 17th CPC Central Committee: Scheme for

via: Dalian Art College date: 04/01


     In order to thoroughly apply the spirit of the Sixth Plenum of the 17th CPC Central Committee, "unswervingly develop advanced socialist culture, promote integrated development of socialist material and spiritual civilization", further strengthen campus spiritual civilization construction, promote deep implementation of our college's quality-oriented education work, cultivate, consolidate and develop our college¡¯s good school spirit and study style, improve students' comprehensive quality, create favorable campus cultural atmosphere, and establish healthy, upward, harmonious and civilized campus environment, approved by the two committees, our college decides to carry out the campus civilization activity, based on the theme of "civilizing our words and deeds, striving to be new civilized people".

I. Guiding Ideology
     Fully apply the instructions of the Sixth Plenum of the 17th CPC Central Committee to strengthen and improve college students' ideological and political work as well as moral construction, thoroughly implement quality-oriented education; insist on "all for students"; pay attention to the development of students' civilization accomplishment; innovative spirit and practical ability; and strive to create harmonious and civilized environment for students' success.

II. Activity Objective
    Positively create good campus civilization atmosphere, increase students' civilization consciousness all over the college, help young students set up correct philosophy, worldview, values and sublime ideal and faith, develop noble moral sentiment and sense of social responsibility, improve students' comprehensive quality, and jointly establish a civilized and harmonious campus.

III. Institutional Framework
    Group Head: Liu Yongfu
    Deputy Head: Yu Yonggong, Zhang Yi
    Members: teachers of the Office of Students Affairs, secretaries of each department (college branch), and instructors

IV. Activity Theme
    The "civilizing our words and deeds, striving to be new civilized people" activity is a systematic project which needs continuous implementation. At preset, we must focus on the following aspects:
(I) Civilization Education. Starting from hygiene, manners, etiquette and ceremony, teach students' to do "Ten Don¡¯ts", Don¡¯t spit everywhere, Don¡¯t throw litter about, Don¡¯t deface public property, Don¡¯t post or hang things everywhere, Don¡¯t smoke in public places, Don¡¯t speak rudely, Don¡¯t bill and coo in public, Don¡¯t drink excessively, Don¡¯t wear slippers in classroom, and Don¡¯t make noise, whistle, or quarrel and fight noisily in public places. Consciously maintain the campus environment, and increase students' basic civilization quality and campus civilization degree. Promote "Ten Characters" politeness formulae, that is, "Hello!" ("Ninhao" in Pinyin), "Please!" ("qing" in Pinyin), "Thank you!" ("Xiexie" in Pinyin), "Goodbye!" ("Zaijian" in Pinyin), and "Sorry!" ("Duibuqi" in Pinyin).
(II) Education of Class Civilization. Attend class in time, don¡¯t be late, don¡¯t leave early, don¡¯t cut classes, don¡¯t use cell phone, sleep or chat in class, respect teachers and parents, and listen to the teacher intently, creating dense studying atmosphere.
(III) Education of Dormitory Civilization. According to the general requirements of Student¡¯s Dormitory Management Methods, create a sanitary, neat and civilized dormitory, and make students establish solidarity and friendship, and help each other.
(IV) Education of Dining Civilization. Advocate civilized dining, modestly decline towards teachers and elders, consciously queue up, don¡¯t waste food, and save water.
(V) Education of Reading Room Civilization. Comply with the order and keep quiet in library, reading room and study room.
(VI) Education of Activity Civilization. Applaud and cheer properly when watching the activities organized by the college or department, be conscious of self-image, comply with the arrangement and command of the organizer, observe disciplines, and the student cadres shall play a role of backbone, and insist on the principle of "Business is business" when implementing tasks.
(VII) Education of Observing Laws and Disciplines. Based on the Student Handbook, strictly supervise class attendance rate, staying out late, skipping dormitory, and other issues. Enhance students' legal awareness and consciousness of obeying school disciplines and regulations, and exert great effort on precaution and seriously treatment of students' disciplinary or legal offence.
(VIII) Integrity Education. Through carrying out integrity and morality education, gradually establish students' integrity records and integrity evaluation system, and stimulate students' self-discipline spirit.
(IX) Psychological Health Education and Love View Education. Improve students' psychological quality, teach them to correctly handle various crises and difficulties in daily life, and teach them to handle correctly opposite-sex communication, and establish correct views of love, family and happiness.
(X) Civil Morality Education. Extensively carry out social morality education, professional ethics education and family virtues education, to help students form good moral sentiments and moral cultivation, consciously comply with moral rules, and enhance moral self-discipline. Advocate "Five Hearts", loyalty for motherland, filial piety for parents, concerns for others, heart-love for society, and confidence for oneself.
(XI) Education of Loving Country Loving School Consciousness. Develop and expand national spirit and time spirit among students to inspire their patriotic zeal. Teach students to care about the career development of alma mater, strengthen their loving school consciousness and overall concept, consciously maintain school¡¯s reputation, and enhance sense of group honor.
(XII) Gratitude Education. The implementation of a series of activities, such as the keynote speech of "A Letter to Alma Mater", let extensive students deeply realize the help and support given by the country, society, school and parents in their growing process, and let them establish good faith of paying back to society, parents and school, so as to encourage their study and life, and promote their own growth and success.
  V. Activity Arrangement

     First Stage: publicity, initiation and discussion (Nov. 21¡ªDec. 25, 2011)

     Make full use of newspaper columns, journals, speeches under the national flag, class meeting, broadcasting station, and many other forms, to publicize and initiate the activity, let teachers and students of the college know about the activity arrangement, unify their ideological understanding, and promote the activity to successfully and comprehensively develop. 
1. The college initiates the mobilization of civilization activity by use of speeches under the national flag as well as broadcast. Establish a column in the College Journal, to trace, report and publicize the whole processes of the civilization and self-cultivation activity. Set up an exposure channel of uncivilized phenomena in the Music Building to timely publish and treat uncivilized phenomena, letting students take warning.

2. The college¡¯s Office of Students Affairs and League Committee issue a written proposal to the students. When studying the spirit of the Sixth Plenum of the 17th CPC Central Committee, we call upon our college¡¯s teachers and students to love the college, care about others, behave in good manners, speak properly, and treat others politely, to form good study style and school spirit.

3. Publicity with slogan banners. Hang banners at eye-catching positions of playground and each teaching building to conduct theme-oriented publicity. The slogans are collected by the Office of Students Affairs, and the banners are hung by the Security Section. (See banners and civilized slogans for more details)

4. Each department (college branch) establishes sub-leading groups for this activity, and arranges the display-window publicity column of "civilizing our words and deeds, striving to be new civilized people".

5. Conduct topic-oriented mobilization meeting in the unit of class, especially mobilizing the student backbones; carry out class meetings in the theme of "civilizing our words and deeds, striving to be new civilized people"; the contents shall be substantial, educational, diverse and having pragmaticality; every one shall take part in it; the theme slogan shall appear on the blackboard, and related personnel shall take notes for the class meeting.

6. Carry out the activity of collecting warm-prompt slogans. This activity shall be organized by the Office of Students Affairs and carried out in the unit of departments (college branches); each department shall, through publicity, collect civilized slogans and prompts created by students themselves, and through making publicity board, hanging and other forms, post these slogans and prompts in civilization areas under the jurisdiction of the each department, and specify the class and name of the student who creates the slogan, aiming at letting every student in the college join in this civilization activity while this activity is being publicized. 

7. Each class shall design a blackboard newspaper on the theme of "Ethics and Courtesy Month". The blackboard newspaper is required theme-oriented, clear and beautiful, with fluent sentences, and with no wrongly written characters. A competition will be held at the scheduled time, and the winners will be rewarded.

8. Students of each class shall design an issue of paper made by hand, which is required with neat writing, excellent texts and pictures, and shall be readable and can inspire students' enthusiasm. Excellent works will be exhibited at one time by the Office of Students Affairs.

Second Stage: organization and implementation (March ¨C May, 2012)
1. Carry out the selection of "Campus Top Ten Civilized Stars", "Campus Top Ten Civilized Dormitories", "Campus Top Ten Civilized Classes" around the whole college, and the activity of recommending campus civilization deeds ¨C "Civilization is with you". The winner will be organized to give a report at a specialized report meeting, so as to set up civilization model, and energetically develop and expand new civilization fashion.
2. On the basis of the first stage¡¯s publicity and initiation, combining its own working reality and characteristics, and in accordance with the principle of small-scale, decentralization, richness and colorfulness, each department (college branch) independently carries out rich and colorful practical activities within their own range, in the form of mutual assistance activity, lecture, report, speech, debate, knowledge contest, etc., and after each activity, each department (college branch) must make a serious summary, extract good experience, find out deficiencies, and send the activity brief report to the Office of Students Affairs.

3. The Office of Students Affairs and the League Committee shall establish "Civilization Supervision Group", carrying out patrol and supervision around the campus, and examine, supervise and handle uncivilized phenomena. For minor and slight uncivilized behaviors, the Civilization Supervision Group will give these people criticism, and if they correct their behaviors timely, then they will not be recorded; for serious uncivilized behaviors, or those with slight uncivilized behaviors but not complying with the management rules, the Civilization Supervision Group will record the reality and send it to the superior, and the Office of Students Affairs will issue the treatment opinions and make a notification.

4. Combining with the newly-distributed civilized behavior management areas, each department shall continue to enhance the management of each civilization area; the instructor shall organize student cadres to conduct supervision and examination, especially during the break; students cadres shall serve as a role model, be brave in supervising and correcting other students' uncivilized behaviors when conducting examination in civilization areas; the Office of Students Affairs will supervise the college¡¯s uncivilized behaviors during the implementation of the activity, and will publish students' uncivilized behavior conditions in the Student Working Bulletin.
Third Stage: summary and exhibition (May ¨C July, 2012)
     Carry out evaluation activity in the unit of classes, and send the evaluation results to each department. Each department (college branch) shall summarize the activity of "civilizing our words and deeds, striving to be new civilized people" which is carried out in their own unit, and exhibit the activity achievements in various forms, and send the activity results to the Office of Students Affairs, and it will make a comprehensive summary.

VI. Implementation Requirements
(I) Enhance Leadership, Tighten the Organization. The college establishes activity leading groups. Each department (college branch) must fully realize the importance and urgency of carrying out the activity of "civilizing our words and deeds, striving to be new civilized people", establish the department¡¯s (college branch) specialized leading group, and formulate feasible implementation plan.
(II) Give play to Party members' and student backbones' roles. Fully give play to each-level Party and League organizations' political advantages and all kinds of student organizations' bridge-linking functions. All levels of Party and League organizations and student organizations must formulate detailed plan for taking part in the activity, and call upon Party members and student backbones to act first and make active demonstration in the activity.
(III) Establish supervision, stimulation and assessment mechanism for the activity, and make periodic summaries. Each department (college branch) must conduct effective supervision and assessment in the activity, ensuring that the activity can obtain practical effectiveness. The excellent models emerging in the activity shall be commended timely. 
(IV) Successful experience and methods formed in this activity shall be summarized and improved as the long-term mechanism, and carried out in the whole college for a long time.

     The above statement is the theme proposed by the Office of Students Affairs on the theme of "civilizing our words and deeds, striving to be new civilized people" according to the spirit of the Sixth Plenum of the 17th CPC Central Committee. Let¡¯s start from little things, from now on, to practice civilized, healthy and scientific life style, compose the civilization movement by our practical actions, sing out the music notes of civilization, and write a new chapter of Dalian Art College¡¯s civilization!