Literary and Artistic Performance for 17th Anniversary of College¡¯s Founding June 30, 2017

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On June 29, literary and artistic performance for 17th anniversary of Dalian Art College¡¯s founding was held at No.1 studio with audiences including Chairman Wang Xianjun, President Jiang Maofa, other leaders of the college, and some representatives of teachers and students.

President Jiang Maofa has given the following speech: ¡°looking back on the past 17 years, Dalian Art College has been developed wholeheartedly and painstakingly through reform, innovation and college¡¯s spirits to achieve glorious and rapid development. It is the 17-year struggle that endows us confidence of teaching, culture, system, development and success; looking forward to the future, the task is still tremendous. However, Dalian Art College will keep advancing courageously and creating glory with the 17-year precious experience, correct leadership of the competent department, scientific decision and strong support from board of directors, common efforts of teachers and students, as well as solidarity of tens of thousands of alumni.¡±

All subordinate colleges brought various literary and artistic performances according to their own professional advantages. Then a special gift has been sent to the founder of Dalian Art College, Chairman Wang Xianjun, which was integrated with the smiling faces of 2017 teachers and students to form an amiable face of Chairman Wang Xianjun.

Chairman Wang Xianjun said excitedly: ¡°I feel very delighted to be here and hope everyone can bring today¡¯s happiness to your home, your mind and your work. It is of great happiness to work happily every day. Hope everyone happy! For me, it is of great pleasure to work with you. Thank you for choosing Dalian Art College and me!¡± Then, he enjoyed the birthday cake with everyone.

Background information:

Built in 2000, Dalian Art College is a full-time regular higher college approved by the Ministry of Education, which is situated in Dalian with the Yellow Sea at the fore and Dahei Mountain at the back. There are total 8 subordinate colleges and two departments with more than 12,000 students at school in 28 undergraduate majors and relevant college majors, including School of Music, School of Communication and Media, School of Film & Television, School of Fine Arts, School of Art & Design, School of Fashion, School of Culture and Art Management, School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship as well as Basic Teaching Department and Ideological and Political Department.

Art practical teaching is the characteristic of college, which means the college provides various opportunities of competition and performance to students. In recent years, every performance group and students of college actively have participated in all professional events home and abroad, including International National Music Festival, the Golden Bell Awards, National ¡°Tiaoli Cup¡± Dancing Competition, China Campus Theatre Festival, China Swimsuit Design Competition and gain a complete victory. Our performances including cultural activity ¡°Four Seasons Concert¡± to benefit the citizens, series performance of cantata ¡°Soul of Sakura¡±, premiere of ¡°Tangruowang¡± in National Centre for the Performing Arts have attracted a lot of attention. In 2015, the large dance music symphonic epic ¡°Peace Ode¡± has been performed ten times in Dalian, Shenyang and the Great Hall of the People to show its luster. What¡¯s more, teachers, students and performance groups have presented college¡¯s practical teaching achievements and colorful youth in the important performances including CCTV¡¯s New Year Concert, ¡°Labor¡¯s Day¡± Huge Party, ¡°May¡¯s Flowers¡± National College and High School Students Literary and Artistic Performance.

A large amount of applied art talents have been cultivated due to the college¡¯s emphasis on students¡¯ abilities in practice, innovation and entrepreneurship, making them the best in all industries. There are many excellent graduates. For Example, Guan Yue is a main member of Chinese new idol team ¡°XII Constellations-The Wind¡± and has performed in ¡°May¡¯s Flowers¡± with many students of the same college at CCTV¡¯s stage; Mo Longdan won the national championship in ¡°Blossoming Flowers¡± and has become a contract actress; Fu Jialiang is a professional actor in Song and Dance Troupe of the General Political Department; Cui Yongping won the national championship in language program Super Speaker; Jiang Han played male the third named Hua Xiaobao in CCTV-1 hit TV series Ma Xiangyang in Countryside; Tong Zhenjun showed great performance quality in TV series The Battle of Thunder, Designation Forever and so on; Li Qi came fourth in PK game of Wang Feng group of The Voice of China; Zhou Zhen¡¯s entrepreneurship miracle (from zero capital to annual sales of tens of millions) attracted all the media to report; Wang Min was appraised as ¡°College Student Entrepreneurship Model in Dalian City¡± with the establishment of two companies; Gen Zhen soon held an important position in Genius Entrepreneurship Workshop in Zhongshan District, Dalian City after graduation; Wang Yuanshuai was included in the first batch of entering into Cultural and Scientific Innovative Park of Dalian Art College and successful model in entrepreneurship.

Dalian Art College has paid much attention to students¡¯ abilities in innovation and entrepreneurship. Cultural and Scientific Innovative Park of Dalian Art College is a high-quality entrepreneurship platform, which has been endowed honorary titles, such as ¡°2016 Creative Space of Dalian¡±, ¡°Municipal Incubator of Dalian for Scientific and Technological Business¡±, ¡°Liaoning Provincial Model Incubator for College¡¯s Students Entrepreneurship¡± and ¡°National Creative Space¡±.

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June 30, 2017