Li Jun

via: 大连艺术学院 date: 07/11


Li Jun, is an associate professor. She graduated from the Dongbei University of Finance and Economics with a Master’s Degree in Economics. She is a member of the China Democratic League and the China Association of Trade in Services. She is the Dean of the School of Management and was the director of the Office of International Exchange & Cooperation and, before that, the deputy director of the Department of International Business. She is responsible for discipline and professional specialties in the Management major in the School Management. She is engaged in research and bilingual teaching in the fields of international trade, cultural industry and cross-cultural business communications. She won the title of the “best of the best” “outstanding young teacher in Liaoning Province” conferred by the Liaoning Education Department in 2006 and won the honorary title of Advanced Individual in “three aspects of education” conferred by the Dalian Educational Labor Union in 2011. In the areas of teaching and scientific research, she has published over 20 influential academic research papers, published 8 teaching materials including International Trade Theory and Practice, Introductory Theory of Cultural Industry Management and has undertaken over 10 provincial-level scientific research and educational reform topics. She successively won “the first prize in teaching and scientific research achievements in 2009” conferred by the Liaoning Province Higher Education Society, “the second prize in the 6th higher education outstanding achievements in Liaoning Province” conferred by the Provincial Education Department, “the third prize of outstanding teaching achievements at the end of ‘11th five-year plan’ period” and “the third prize in the national 2nd undergraduate art education papers” co-conferred by the provincial education and science planning team and the Provincial Education Department. In the area of cultural industry management, she has presided over provincial-level “thousands of topics” – “status of emerging industry development and countermeasures – cultural industry in Liaoning Province”, winning an excellent evaluation. Her topic research is not only limited to the professional fields of cultural industry and cultural trade, but are also forward-looking and innovative because they involve habit formation education for independent learning, cultural specialties in universities, etc. The Policies about Supporting the Healthy Development of Private Higher Learning Institutions was submitted to the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference of the National People’s Congress as a document of the China Democratic League in Liaoning. In the area of international culture communications, she wrote a long report (160,000 characters) “Touching ---from Maryland to Alba”. From the perspective of national cultural output, she meaningfully described and deeply thought out the cultural communications between the Dalian Art College and the European and American art fields as well as between Chinese and Western Culture. The work was published in the literary periodical The Yalu River in 2008.