Wang Xiuyan

via: 大连艺术学院 date: 06/11


Wang Lijun, is of Han Nationality. She was born in Qiqihar City, Heilongjiang Province in January, 1971. She is a professor and with a Major in English Major. She has been teaching English for 17 years, accumulating additional teaching experience and obtaining outstanding achievements in English teaching and scientific research. While teaching, she has been focused on lesson preparation, deeply studying teaching curricula and materials, understanding the students’ abilities and differences, emphasizing the cultivation of creative thinking and comprehensive ability, and teaching students in according to their aptitudes. She is able to apply the educational techniques and the latest subject innovations into her teaching. She applies learning strategy into her teaching forming a unique and effective teaching pattern, and exploring the model of teaching English suitable to the Dalian Art College. She has won recognition and praise from vast numbers of teachers and students. She has independently written 1 book and written 3 books with others. She has published 4 teaching materials including College English for Art Majors. She presided over and participated in 11 national-level, provincial-level and college-level scientific research and teaching reform programs. She has published 9 academic papers. During the period, she won 1 award in provincial outstanding scientific research achievement and the second prize in school-level academic and scientific research achievement. She has been rated as “successful individual” and “outstanding teacher” in the college several times.