Yin Xin

via: 大连艺术学院 date: 06/11


Yin Xin is an associate professor and a member of the Dalian Graphic Design Association. She graduated from the Jilin Academy of Arts with a Major in Decoration Design. She was awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree. At present, she is the head of the advertising teaching and research division in the School of Art & Design. She studied at the Dalian University of Technology in December 2005, advancing to a higher level of teacher training in vocational education in Liaoning, earning double certification.
She studied an advanced course in the teaching of art and management in December 2009, winning a Bachelor of Art Management degree. Since becoming she has been mainly engaged in the teaching and researching of basic courses, such as advertising design, packaging design, image branding, etc., obtaining extensive teaching experience and a solid theoretical foundation. She has published several teaching materials including Graphic Creativity, Practical Course in Poster Design, Packaging Design, Image Branding Design, Webpage Design, Character Design, and one book, Trends in Home Decoration, covering 500,000 characters in total. She has published over 20 papers (Value of Conceptual Design in Combination of Learning with Working under Employment Orientation, Connection of Course System in Visual Communication Major, etc.) in professional periodicals. Her works on design have won over 10 national awards. She has supervised three top provincial courses in “Packaging Design” and participated in the provincial scientific research program: Educational Reform in Combination of Learning with Working under Employment Orientation – Research on Theory and Practice of Packing Design Course in Major of Visual Communication Design, and the college-level topic Integration and Innovation in Course System in Advertising Major, etc.