Our college organize to develop activity of ¡°eat all in the plate¡±, energetically promote saving virtue

via: Dalian Art College date: 04/01

     Saving is a habit, saving is a kind of wisdom, and saving is a virtue. From December 9, 2013, Dalian Art College organized to develop educational activity of ¡°eat all in the plate¡± with theme of ¡°action of eating all in the plate, and rejection to ¡®leave¡¯ feast¡± which promoted students and teachers shall carry forward of saving virtue and refuse to waste food.

     Activities are divided into four contents. The first one is propaganda activity: design blackboard, hang banners, paste warm tips on publicity board and table in the dining hall and other places, and remind dining teachers and students of saving food to develop good eating habits. For porridge and rice, we shall often think their hard production, and for silk and thread, we shall constantly concern about their difficult material resources. The second one is to design and prepare stickers for action of ¡°eat all in the plate¡±. During peak meals in a day, members in Students Union and Students¡¯ Association Union shall distribute such stickers to dinning teachers and students at two canteen entrances to strengthen diligent and thrift consciousness of teachers and students; the third one is to set up supervisors for action of ¡°eat all in the plate¡±. Members in Students Union and Students¡¯ Association Union shall be on duty on marked position of the canteen to supervise whether teachers and students achieve ¡°eat all in the plate¡± on site. Reminds are given to teachers and students who fail to achieve ¡°eat all in the plate¡±; the fourth one is to clean tableware. Arrange students to help the canteen cleaners cleaning tableware. The students will feel at firsthand in deeply regret after seeing food is wasted, and experience painstaking of cleaners to clean tableware.





     Activity of ¡°eat all in the plate¡± in our college achieved good effects.
 Recently, leftovers in canteen are significantly reduced. In the future, we will continuously build an atmosphere for ¡°eat all in the plate¡±, and conduct series of activities as extended from this, so as to continuously enhance diligent and thrift  consciousness of all teachers and students, and vigorously consolidate action results from ¡°eat all in the plate¡±.