Informal discussion between the chairman and students

via: Dalian Art College date: 04/01

    On 1:00 p.m. of May 31, chairman Wang, Xianjun had an informal discussion with student representatives at meeting room on 4th floor of art building. Every seat in the meeting room was taken, even there were crowded with students on both sides of the corridor. The attendees of the informal discussion were vice president Liu, Yongfu who is in charge of student work, responsible persons of Party Committee Office, the Students Affairs Department, Dean¡¯s Office, Employment Office, Management Center of Practical Teaching and Department I of 7th college as well as all instructors.

    The chairman cited ¡°If we do not have luck or make effort, we will suffer some disasters even victory acquired¡±in Yuezhan of Military Science of Sun Bin to begin the informal discussion. The chairman talked from archaism paraphrase to connect actual problems that students were facing, told students how to know favorable climate, master favorable geographical position and create harmonious human relationships during their growth and development road by explaining profound theories in simple language, and lively demonstrate how to improve oneself, develop talent, achieve dreams, gradually grow up and become excellent for a student. 

When it comes to ¡°favorable climate¡±, the chairman combined such phenomena as some students are sick of learning, lack of study motivation, and  indulge in a life of pleasure and comfort to educate students how to grasp work opportunity, conform to development law, meet objective requirements and seize opportunities and chances; learn to consider the situation and complete major task in study, as this is the objective requirement for ¡°opportunity¡±. Only accumulate and consolidate knowledge, you could rise abruptly based on you accumulated strength. Grasp every opportunity and strive to realize ideal and achieve self-value.
    When it comes to ¡°favorable geographical position¡±, the chairman said he hope Dalian Art College is the environment for students to study and live. Only Dalian Art College develops well, could students have higher development platform. I hope everyone will well use and manage new campus after entering it, establish good habits of civilization, be familiar with the rules and regulations of the college, purposefully involve in the school construction, actively participate in practice, and constantly improve your own ability. In order to well develop Dalian Art College, the college invested massive funds to construct new campus. Thank students to participate in greening new campus and adding vigor into the new campus.

    When it comes to ¡°harmonious human relationships¡±, the chairman put focus on how to let others accept and agree with you, and how to deal with the relationship between teachers and students and between classmates. I hope students will respect and revere teachers, especially for academic and life experience that the teachers owned; hope students could understand, tolerate,  care, and sympathize each other, and selflessly help others when others need help.

    The atmosphere in the informal discussion was warm. The chairman also interacted with students against issues on relocation of new campus, pros and cons of college student love and other matters that students concerned about. Students made statement actively. Finally, vice president Liu, Yongfu made conclusions to this informal discussion: as dream of Dalian Art College is the dream of each teacher and student, I hope everyone could strive to achieve this common dream, and build the dream of Dalian Art College together with the chairman. Gather favorable climatic, geographical and human conditions to realize the dream of Dalian Art College.
    The chairman has always attached great importance to communication and exchange with students. He specially arranged time to talk with students even extremely busy. Students are also very cherish the opportunity to directly face to face with the chairman. They carefully listened to every word from this elder who creates learning opportunities for them, deeply felt and inspired. After the meeting, the Students Affairs Department arranged in college unit, and organized to learn and discuss speech spirit of the chairman.

Source: the Students Affairs Department  Adding time: June 3, 2013