The Silk Road • The Youth of Dalian Art College was put on in the Great Hall of the People

via: 大连艺术学院 date: 29/11

With bright lights, changing LED and magnificent symphony, the vast sand sea jumped into our sight. A few young students were making the arts collection along the silk road, and the majestic picture scroll of "One Belt, One Road" spread out slowly. On Nov. 24, the large stage play Silk Road The Youth created by Dalian Art College for eulogizing the "One Belt, One Road" great initiative and magnificent cause was put on grandly in the Great Hall of the People.

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This was the second time for Dalian Art College to appear on the stage of the Great Hall of the People after the large tone-picture dance symphony epic Ode to Peace.
The Silk Road • The Youth has six chapters - Generation to Generation, Civilization treasure, Chinese and Foreign Gathering, Silk Road Youth and A Millennium Promise. From the perspective of the youth and with Zhang Qian Visiting the Western Region and Zheng He's Expedition to the Western as the story line, it captured the cultural and artistic energetic elements of the different regions, different countries and different nations, integrated the music, dance, recitation, scene play and other artistic forms and presented a stage audio-visual feast covering the ancient and modern and China and foreign exchange. The Musical Dance of Tang Dynasty was like the lightly flying immortals, the Thai Long Nail Dance and Bangladesh Foot Bell Dance were full of exotic charm, the scene dance Zheng He's Expedition to the Western was magnificent and spectacular, The Desk Dance was full of energy, the scene performance Father in The Distance was affectionate and touching.......


Wang Xianjun who was the president of Dalian Art College served as the chief planner, director and writer of the Silk Road The Youth. Ruan Zhenming who was the first class writer, college professor and young teacher did the actual writing. The composer Gao Dalin made the composition, college experts and professors took the lead, all professional backbone teachers participated in it, and all college students were the performance subject. This was the another classics of Dalian Art College after "peace trilogy" - Johann Adam Schall Von Bell, Sakura Spirit and Ode to Peace as well as five established projects of China National Arts Fund.
After the performance of this play, the experts and scholars from the colleges and universities as well as scientific research institutions gathered together and made a discussion on the Silk Road • The Youth in Chongqing Hall of the Great Hall of the People. Ning Ming who was the deputy inspector of the Propaganda Department of Dalian Municipal Committee made a speech on behalf of the sponsor. He thought that it was very precious that Dalian Art College created the Silk Road • The Youth with the theme of "One Belt, One Road", it emancipated mind in the play, renewed ideas in the creation, and carried out the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China with the vivid and vigorous literary works as the carrier. The participating experts gave high praise to the persistent artistic craftsman spirit and strong sense of politics, social responsibility and cultural responsible person of Dalian Art College as a private higher learning institution, and put forward many valuable suggestions to this play.


This was not the first time for Dalian Art College to appear on this stage. In five years, four large plays of Dalian Art College were put on successively in National Centre for the Performing Arts and Great Hall of the People. In the front stage and behind the scenes, there were more than ten thousand teachers and students participating in it, and the teachers' teaching ability and the students' practical ability were improved greatly. Integration of theory and practice, equal attention on teaching and research; Its artistic practice teaching characteristic of "two service" - serving for training applied talents and serving for regional social economic development gradually emerged.
Over 17 years since the founding, the school's teaching, scientific research and practice teaching formed the joint force and driven the improvement of the educational level. The discipline construction, textbook compilation and other achievements emerged constantly, the scientific research project declared by the teachers repeatedly set new all-time highs, the students' rate of immediate employment is over 90%, and a group of graduates excelling in skills and cutting a figure in the society were trained.


Wang Xianjun said, "laying a foundation with one decade, standing out with two decades and realizing the dream of Dalian Art College with three decades". Dalian Art College should build the big stage and provide the big platform for young people through the play practice, thus making them become idealistic, capable and responsible and have the ability to bear the social responsibility; Dalian Art College should stay true to the mission, continue to run the school satisfying the Party and the people, cultivate talents, serve the society and make more students grow up, become a useful person and achieve successes.
The performance of this play received the great support from the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries and Department of Education of Liaoning Province, and it was co-sponsored by the College of International Art Communication, CPAFFC, Propaganda Department of Dalian Municipal Committee, Party Working Committee of Jinpu New Area of Dalian, Dalian Culture, Radio, Film and TV Administration, Dalian Literature and Art Association and Dalian Art College.