Seminar on Large Stage Play-¡°New Silk Road¡± September 22, 2017

via: Dalian art college date: 22/09

On September 21, experts and scholars from all over China arrived in our college to participate the seminar on large stage play ¡°New Silk Road¡±and thoroughly discussed about the play¡¯s artistic value, performance form and practical experience, etc. with scientific research elites of our college including Chairman Wang Xianjun, President Jiang Maofa, leaders and professors. The Vice President Zhang Huan presided over the seminar.

Chairman Wang Xianjun introduced the creation background and ideas of New Silk Road. He pointed out that the ideas and ways of cultivating talents should change according to the world structure. We should not only lay a artistic practice foundation for cultivating, but also optimize the work to be competitive in literature and art and satisfy the Party, state, society and people. The experts were welcomed to make direct opinion for revision.

President Jiang Maofa introduced the process of creation and rehearsal to experts and scholars in seminar, hoping that they would give their precious opinions.

Experts pointed out that they were deeply shocked and moved after the play. Making such a play with ideological content and political height closely relating to theme of the times, Dalian Art College undoubtedly owned political consciousness, overall situation and its social responsibility as college school. The ideas for cultivating were admirable for its function to propagate ¡°The Belt and Road¡± strategy and motivate the passion of college students to participate in ¡°The Belt and Road¡± construction to reach the height of educating people with thoughts. It was also admirable to arrange large stage play combined with various artistic performance forms and having high artistic expressiveness in such a short time. How difficult for general literature and art organization it is! Painstaking efforts have been made from Chairman Wang Xianjun, also the general planner, general director and general writer to every teachers and students, showing the highly unified team spirit. The stage play of great momentum owns epic artistic style with remarkable stage artistic performance and ingenious ideas, providing the best practice opportunity for the students and presenting school mission of ¡°all for students¡± and practical teaching features of Dalian Art College.

The profound and valuable opinions and suggestions from experts were significantly beneficial to the improvement of the play, among which included the following aspects: theme, conception, background, embellishment, light and arts as well as costumes and modeling. In short, Dalian Art College is a private art college which is powerful, potential and ambitious.