The College Holding Opening Ceremony of Grade 2017 Freshmen September 13, 2017

via: Dalian art college date: 13/09

On September 11, the College held the opening ceremony of Grade 2017 Freshmen. President Wang Junxian, Executive Director of the School Wang Jing, and Principal Jiang Maofa, Secretary Yu Aihua and other leaders attended. The ceremony was hosted by Director of Teaching Work Department Zhang Xiaomei.
The opening ceremony, the National Flag Guard consisting 40 freemen of Grade 2017 escorted the national flag to the scene. In the majestic national anthem, the flag rose up slowly and all the people saluted with eyes. The opening ceremony began in the solemn national anthem.
Chairman of students union of the college, Zhao Qiang of the Clothes and Accessory Major of 2015 made a speech on behalf of undergraduate students. He congratulated Grade 2017 freshmen on enrollment, wishing that they can cherish the precious time spent here and study hard to realize dreams and have more brilliant future from the college.
Zhang Mingqi from Broadcasting and hosting major of Grade 2017 of College of Communication made a speech as a freshmen representative on the ceremony. Zhang Mingqi said, ”°Not having entered the college, I had seen the school goal of ”°keeping original intention in mind and building a college Party and people are satisfied with”±. The scene of practical teaching of senor students seen via the big screen every day and news of large stage play ”°Silk Road”±to be shown have filled me with anticipation to the college life in the coming for years and wish that I will spend my most meaningful four years here”±.
Zhang Qianwen from the Teaching and Research Office of Musical College expressed her hope that the freshmen can become really people of Dalian Art College who truly pursue dreams and make continuous progress. She said, ”°As a youth teacher of the College, I have colleagues who have the same dream of Dalian Art College as me. It is the College that firms our enthusiasm and dedication to art.”± The large stage play ”°New Silk Road”±to be shown is not only the pursuit of innovation and production, but also the carrier of hard-work and selfless dedication of numerous people of the College. Everyone is looking forward to perfect performance of the play.
Principal Jiang Maofa on behalf of leaders, students and faculty extended warm welcome to freshmen. Principal Jiang Maofa told students that university is not the destination, but a higher starting point of their study. The Dalian Art College founded by President Wang Junxian was the only institution of higher learning named by art with a complete range of art subjects in the northeast region. From the campus, students and teachers have entered National Centre for the Performing Arts, The Great Hall of the People and appeared on the stages of CCTV. Principal Jiang hoped that students can have lofty ambition, forge ahead, light youth dream with China dream, realize China dream with youth dream and be a person of Dalian Art College who dare to have dream, pursue dream and strive to realize dream.