Cao Jingle

via: 大连艺术学院 date: 06/11


Cao Jingle is the Vice Dean of the School of Fashion, a senior engineer, a provincial-level clothing evaluation expert  working the Major of Costume at the Graduate School of the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology. He has been engaged in clothing design and teaching research for over 30 years and has mentored over 10,000 designers, engineers, entrepreneurs, college teachers and individual professionals in clothing industry. 80% of the supervisory engineering staff in the clothing profession in the whole province have been his students. He has been the director of the teaching and research section of the  Dalian Costume Research Institute and an assistant director, the principal of the Dalian Secondary Vocational and Technical School in Clothing, the Dalian Costume Guild School and the Dalian Secondary Vocational and Technical School for Foreign Affairs. He was hired as a visiting professor in the Teacher Training School of the Dalian Teacher Commission. He was dispatched by the Central Committee to study Clothing Design and Technique in Japan. Using the advanced techniques learned abroad, he published the teaching materials Clothing Drawing, Clothing Structure Drawing, etc., which have been praised by the clothing industry and have been selected as the teaching materials of the CRTVU. He has published 5 professional articles publicly. The programs under his supervision have won the “Excellent College-level Scientific Research Program Award”. He has participated in the occupational skills evaluation and appraisal in Liaoning Province and Dalian City, participated in the topic-choosing and organizing of Dalian clothing competitions and won the titles of “National and Provincial Advanced Worker in Education”, “Excellent Appraisal Expert” and “Excellent Member of the Communist Party” several times. He has lectured on such topics as Clothing Structure Drawing, Clothing Production and Management, Clothing Plate-making and Plate-pushing, Clothing Techniques, Garment Merchandiser, etc.