Written Proposal – civilizing our words and deeds, striving to be high-quality youths

via: 大连艺术学院 date: 01/01

Dear students:
A knowledge of civilitn promotes science & technology innovation; civil behavior makes human beings abandon spirit wilderness. As Dalian Art College’s students, when enriching ourselves with knowledge, we should also ask: thatl we dress our campus in beautiful clothes of civilitn? We are not only the civilization creators, but also the civilization disseminators for our campus. It is the responsibility of every student of Dalian Art College to establish a civilized campus and build a beautiful campus life. In order to deep apply the spirit of the Sixth Plenum of the 17th CPC Central Committee, and further enhance campus spiritual civilization construction, our college will organize the activity of “implement the spirit of the Sixth Plenum of the 16th CPC Central Committee, carry out civilizing our words and deeds”. We hope that through this activity we can improve our ideological and moral quality, build good civilization atmosphere, and set up good, civilized and harmonious school spirit. Therefore, Youth League Committee and Students’ Affairs Office make a written proposal to every student:
    Let’s based on the standards of “Code of Students’ Civilized Behaviors” specified in the Student Handbook, comply with the “Ten Articles” code of conduct, and promote the “Ten Characters” polite language. 

    I. “Ten Articles” code of conduct

    1. Respect teachers and seniors, treat others politely. Make initiative greetings to teachers, seniors and other visitors; knock before entering the office; stand up when speaking with teachers; let teachers and seniors to go first.
    2. Consciously queue up when taking the elevator or accessing the door, out first in later, with humility.

    3. Behave in a proper manner when associating with different sex, and don’t behave like lovers in public places.

    4. Do not bring food into teaching areas, and don’t eat in public places.

    5. Smoke in designated places, and do not throw cigarette ends everywhere.

    6. Do not make noise in public places and teaching areas.

    7. Protect public property, and do not post or draw things everywhere.

    8. Queue up when dining, and maintain dining environmental health.

    9. Do not squeeze when going up and down the stairs, keep right when going upwards, and keep left when going downwards.

    10. Keep the classroom and dormitory clean.

    II. “Ten Characters” polite language

    “Please”, “Hello”, “Thank you”, “Goodbye”, and “Sorry”.
    Dear students, the beautiful campus is our warm harbor where we live and study, so let’s join hands together, to make civilization appearing every corner of the campus, let’s strive to be the campus civilization emissary, let’s speed the progress of spiritual civilization construction with our practical actions, to create a civilized, harmonious and beautiful Art Palace with our united strength, to show the contemporary college students’ glamour, and to reveal Dalian Art College students’ elegant demeanors!
                                                                     Dalian Art College Youth League Committee

                                                                               December 5, 2011