Students in our college participate in voluntary blood donation

via: Dalian Art College date: 04/01

     On July 1, voluntary blood donation that students in our college attended in was conducted in comprehensive building. Because the Students Affairs Department and each secondary college previously had actively mobilized and called for students and a lot of preparation work had been done, each work during the entire blood donation activity was proceeded in an orderly way. 10 student volunteers on site had been cooperating doctors to propagandize knowledge about blood donation and distributed brown sugar water, biscuits and others to students donating blood. Totally 226 students in our college attended in activity of blood donation. As blood donation time conflicted to exam time, many students therefore failed to attend in activity of blood donation as they liked it. They said they will join the ranks of unpaid blood donation if there are opportunities in the future when they felt regretful. Staff in blood donation center spoke highly that we entirely organized this activity.

Source: Students Affairs Department  Adding Time: July 2, 2014