Huang Jinsheng

via: 大连艺术学院 date: 07/11


Huang Jinsheng, of Han Nationality, was born in September 1944. He is the member of Communist Party of China and a professor, a distinguished doctoral supervisor in the National Defense University PLA China, enjoying special allowances from the State Council. He took the post of platoon leader, chief and deputy political instructor and propaganda secretary in the independent division of the Jilin military region from January, 1964 to October, 1976. He was a teacher with the position of deputy regimental commander and chief regimental commander in the PLA Dalian Army College from November, 1976 to September, 1986. He acted as an associate professor, professor, head of the teaching and research section and the director of the Deng Xiaoping Theory Research Center in the PLA Naval Politics College and the PLA Dalian Naval Academy from October, 1986 to December, 2004. He was also a member of the panel of naval graduate education. He acted as a distinguished professor, a member of the advanced cultural construction panel and a member of undergraduate ideological and political working committee at the Dalian University from March, 2004 to October, 2008. He has been the president counselor of the Dalian Art College and the Director of the Research Center of Private Higher Education since October, 2008. He is the teacher of the course “Mo Zedong Thought and Chinese Characteristic Socialism Theory System”. He has won third-class merits three times and became the outstanding teacher of the armed forces. He won the silver award and the gold award for the armed forces. He is a senior teacher in graduate education in Liaoning Province and has won various awards 80 times. He has published 9 books. The national key topic Military Sociology won the Excellence Award in the military and scientific achievements category, Theoretical Research on Ideological and Political Work won the third prize, and the national topic in the “8th five-year plan” period Ideological and Political Education in Army won the first prize. He has published over 200 articles in the Guangming Daily, Liberation Army Daily, Education Research, Ideological and Political Work Research and China Military Science. Over 10 articles (Forming Process and Enlightenments of Ideology and Morality, etc.) published in Education Research were reprinted ed by NPC; the paper Achieving the Dreams of Undergraduates published in the Guangming Daily arouse the generated lively discussion in the national higher education circle. He has taught such courses as Selections of the Original Marxism, The Study on PLA Political Work, General Pedagogy, Higher Pedagogy, and Ideological and Political Education in the Military. He has won the first prize in college education over 10 times, the first prize in naval teaching achievement once and the second prize in teaching achievement in the armed forces twice. Over 40 graduates and postgraduates become successful persons under his guidance; the most famous among them are Fang Yonggang and Li Mi, the director of the Political Department in the PLA Hong Kong Garrison.