Wang Xiaoning

via: 大连艺术学院 date: 07/11


Wang Xiaoning is a member of the Communist Party and a senior producer. At present, he is a professor in the Dalian Art College, a director and producer in Liaoning TV, an executive member of the China Television Production Committee, a member of the Chinese Television Artists Association, a member of the Liaoning Television Artists Association, a member of the Shenyang Writers Association and the president of the Shenyang Recitation Seminar. He has been engaged in dramatic performances since 1963 and has played important roles in many dramas. He has shot 300 episodes of teleplays since 1982. For example, he acted as the assistant director, the production director and the overall coordinator in The Pilgrimage to the West, he held the post of actor, assistant director and production director in The Romance of the Three Kingdoms; he acted as the actor, assistant director and producer in Princess in Tang Dynasty. His biography is included in the Thesaurus of Chinese Contemporary Art Celebrities, List of Celebrities in Chinese Contemporary Art Festival and Thesaurus of World Celebrities. He was rated a “world artist” by an International Artists Association. His students have won awards in national competitions several times.