China Art Science and Technology Institute Visited the School for Investigation June 15, 2017

via: Dalian art college date: 15/06

In order to strengthen the cultivation of art talents and promote the development of culture, science and technology, and art research, on June 13, Director Wang Feng of theChina Art Science and Technology Institute visited the college for a two-day inspection with a delegation.


On June 13, the inspection team inspected the School of Communication and Media, School of Film and Television, School of Music, School of Fashion, School of Fine Arts and School of Art&Design. In the library, the inspection team respectively visited the stone "Jun"and the History Museum, to further understand the college's development history and achievements. At the International Cooperation and Exchange Center on the fifth floor of the library, Wang Xianjun, Chairman of the College, had an exchange with the inspection team and donated works of "Trilogy of Peace" and "DAC Doll".


On June 14, director Wang Feng from the China Art Science and Technology Institute visited the  Park of Culture and Creativity in the Old Campus, visited and studied the innovation and entrepreneurship work of the college, and signed the letter of intent on long-term cooperation with President Jiang Maofa. Wang Feng, Director of the China Art Science and Technology Institute, said: Dalian Art College leads the development of characteristics with the advanced concept of running a school. It has grasped the pulse of society and the times, continuously improves the level of running a school, attaches importance to diversification, cultivates talents in all aspects and practices teaching. The result is remarkable. It has contributed to the delivery of talents to the society.


According to the agreement signed by the College and the China Art Science and Technology Institute, the two sides agreed to cooperate in academic exchanges, scientific research, building a high standard of faculty, training of cultural and technological talents, promoting the grading test of art and exchange. In the future, the college will hold academic exchanges and special reports on the integration of culture and science and technology with the China Art Science and Technology Institute, and will introduce academic research and developments in disciplines. Scientific research will be conducted jointly and the research results will be jointly owned by both parties. Research funding will be jointly raised by both parties. In the meantime, the College will hire high-level personnel from the China Art Science and Technology Institute as part-time professors at the institute to jointly build a high-level faculty. In addition, the institute will jointly work with the China Art Science and Technology Institute to jointly train professionals in the field of culture and technology integration. Both parties jointly set up related majors to train talents and jointly train talents for culture, science and technology and cultivate creative projects in science and technology. Finally, the College will also give full play to its advantages as a comprehensive art school, provide faculty resources and related resources, and collaborate with the China Art Science and Technology Institute in performing arts grading test, faculty training and exhibition.


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June 15, 2017