Organize to hold conference of student management work in second semester of 2013 to 2014

via: Dalian Art College date: 04/01

      On nine oclock a.m of February 25, the second day when teaching staff started to work in this semester, the Students Affair Department organized the first conference of management personnel of all students in 2014 in lecture hall of the library on the ground floor. Over 100 people attended this meeting; including : vice president Liu Yongfu, all personnel of the Students Affairs Department; Employment Office; general party branch secretary; political instructors; and dormitory affair instructors of each secondary college etc. The conference was hosted by Yu, Yong, the head of the Students Affairs Department. Director Yu concluded student management work of last school year: pointed out the problems and deficiencies existed; made overall deployment for the student management work in 2014; demonstrated working main points in detail throughout the year; focused on arranging activity of five stresses, four points of beauty and three loves conducted through combining the year of construction year of study style, and secondary management work. Vice president Liu, Yongfu stressed on 5 key work and 25 main work for student management in this year at the meetins, and pointed out that its positioned as implementation year of each work this year. It shall be focus on graduates employments, enhance self-construction; further improve level of student management work by taking team construction as the key; student management as the main line, and secondary management as the emphasis. At last, vice president Liu put forward his expectations on management personnel of all students: regular work with innovation, self-work with distinguishing feature, so as to lay a foundation and make a good start and win the best through full implementation.
      On February 26, president Liu organized to hold conference of party general branch secretary of each college at meeting room 419. He demonstrated six newly modified and perfected management stipulations for student apartments, presented three major work recently: advance secondary management on student apartments; fully implement  smoking bans in the dormitories, and manage storage room. And clear requirements were put forward against these three works: raise awareness, improve management standards ; and stipulate regulations.