Liu Na

via: 大连艺术学院 date: 07/11


Liu Na, is an associate professor. She graduated from the Harbin Normal University with a Major in Japanese Language. She remained in the foreign language teaching and scientific research division of the Harbin Normal University as a Japanese teacher in July of the year she graduated. She is the Vice Dean of the School of Management at the Dalian Art College and was the Director of the Japanese teaching and scientific research division of the Department of International Trade at the Dalian Art College. She has presided over provincial educational reform topics, such as Revision and Practice of a Competency-based Teaching System in the Major of Japanese Business Language, Research on Module-Oriented Teaching Positioning with “Japanese and Korean Broadcasting and Hosting” Language Expression, Research and Application of Business Japanese Teaching Reform under CDIO Educational Patterns. She openly published the teaching materials Oral Business Japanese, Course of Business Japanese Translation and Course of Business Japanese Translation (elementary interpretation). She has published over 10 papers in Chinese and foreign academic periodicals, such as “opinions on long-sentence Japanese translation”, “exploration of the use of polite Japanese in the workplace”, etc. She successively won the third prize in academic achievements in Liaoning Province. She was responsible for the provincial excellent course Business Japanese. As the core teacher, she has participated in the teaching competitions held by the college several times, winning the second prize in “excellent course”, the excellence prize in “practical teaching competition in the first classroom” and the excellence prize in “classroom teaching competition”. As the head of the Japanese Language Department, she has personally mentored the junior teachers to participate in Dalian teaching competitions and achieved excellent results, such as the second prize in “excellent course”, the first prize in the “Labor Union Cup” junior teacher teaching competition and the third prize in the second junior teacher teaching competition in Dalian.