A Place for Spiritual Trip of the Local when the Summer Comes June 21, 2017

via: Dalian art college date: 21/06


When June comes back to the city, flowers blossom and birds are singing. The sun throws its lights on the vital land of Jinpu New District without reservation. On June 21, applause brought down the house in the DDA Grand Theater as the Charms of the Four Seasons-Summer Music Concert came in as scheduled with the Symphony Orchestra. The concert took the local citizens into a journey of cool music.

The concert was commanded by Mr. Gao Dalin, a permanent conductor of the Symphony Orchestra. Three tracks were performed, including Beethoven's Coriolan Overture, Dvorak's Humoresque and Rimsky Korsakov's "Arabian Nights", each track representing a classic statement and a spiritual dialogue. The Symphony Orchestra won the applause of the audience with superb playing techniques.

The Coriolan Overture is Beethoven's opera prelude in 1807, which tells the story of Roman hero Coriolan giving up revenge and even giving up his life for his ideal and conviction. The  wonderful cooperation between the Symphony Orchestra and wind music showed completely and vividly how Coriolan was hesitated and contradictory.

Dvorak's "Humoresque" is a popular world song, but the light and lively pace and changing melody set high requirements on the orchestra's playing skills. Thanks to the cooperation of all members of the Symphony Orchestra, "Humoresque " was presented very lively. As the finale of the concert, "Arabian Nights" is based on the famous set of Arab folk stories. The powerful emotional color is also the main soul of the cento. The Symphony Orchestra interpreted this imaginative and passionate work with unique ways.

The ¡°Charms of Four Seasons¡± Music Concert is held four times every year, in the form of National Orchestra Concert, Symphony Concert and Choral Concert alternatively. It is learned that the summer session will also be staged in the Dalian People¡¯s Culture Club on June 25.On the occasion, Mr. Gao Dalin, the Art Director of the College, would represent the beautiful art in front of every citizen and audience with the orchestra.


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June 21, 2017