Carry out a comprehensive Smoking Restriction activity at the campus

via: Dalian Art College date: 04/01

    On April 12, the college released the Temporary Provisions of Dalian Art College on Smoking Restriction at the Campus (tentative). In order to cooperate with colleges measures on restricting smoking at the campus, Office of Students Affairs issued the Notice on Enhancing Smoking Restriction Education in Public Places of the Campus on that day, demanding student management department to go first, from April 12 to April 28, carrying out smoking restriction education in the form of class-based thematic education, dormitory-based education conducted by instructors, as well as education organized by students themselves, so as to intensify guidance for students. And the Office of Students Affairs makes some banners with 292 smoking restriction slogans which have been collected from each department (college branch) in advance, and posts them on the wall of each teaching building, dormitory and other conspicuous positions.