Association Art Festival

via: Dalian Art College date: 04/01

(I). Opening ceremony for association art festival
     At 9 a.m. on May 21, the sixth association art festival of Dalian Art College has a grand opening. The attendees of the opening ceremony were chairman Wang, Xianjun, president Yu, Jiayou, vice president Liu, Yongfu, vice president Li, Changyuan, vice president Sun, Fengrong, director of College Office, Liang, Yun, director of Party Committee Office, Li, Lijun, director of the Students Affairs Department, Yu, Yonggong, and party general branch secretary of each secondary college. Thousand of representatives of teachers and students were watching on site.
     Vice president Liu, Yongfu made opening speech in which he expressed his sincere thanks to leaders at all levels, teachers and association participants who care and support association development, pointed out association art festival is to show essence of our association culture, arouse students shall ¡°achieve Chinese dream and the youth shall have courage to act¡±, and put his expectation on the association development.

     With dramtic drums, bright and brave army dance started performance of the opening ceremony. This team members consisting of female leaders in Student Union wore berets, dressed in military uniforms, danced out a feeling of clang and grace. After that, 50 girls from Students¡¯ Association Union wore yellow dresses, held color fans and danced with exclusive song of Fenghuang Song for Dalian Art College. They are beautiful, clever, charming and enchanting, and they incisively and vividly made phoenix dance in the sky.

     At 9:18, president Yu, Jiayou announced the opening of the sixth association art festival of Dalian Art College. Once the moment when he finished speaking, salute salvo the sky, shooting off fireworks, and atmosphere of the opening ceremony on scene was suddenly lit up. Big puzzle which takes motto of ¡°understanding moral and mastering technology, advocating reality and esteeming beauty¡± as background was flipped for an aerial view of the new campus. The chairman Wang, Xianjun walked from the viewing stand to the puzzle and filled the missing piece in person which symbolized that students in Dalian Art College will set sail to new look in the new campus. It promote the opening ceremony to a climax. With warm applause from all the teachers and students, the opening ceremony of association art festival successfully finished.
(II). Series of activities on association art festival
1. Contest to analyze successful entrepreneurship case
     On May 23, contest to analyze successful entrepreneurship case which was hosted by Basic Department and was undertook by Entrepreneurs Growth   Visit Association was carried out in Fine Arts Building on the fourth floor. The contest is designed to improve students¡¯ ability to find problems, analyze problems and solve problems in operation and management field through case analysis and other method. Through preliminary selection, 6 teams in total entered into the finals to continuously perfect case analysis report (in form of WORD document) and prepare PPT. The case analysis report and PPT shall be submitted to the Comprehensive Business Department of Entrepreneurs Growth Visit Association in e-mail within 2 days before the finals. Version in paper shall be prepared sufficiently for judges¡¯ reviewing and submitted to Entrepreneurs Growth Visit Association together with electronic version. Entrepreneurs Growth Visit Association will organize relevant personnel to deliver these document to each judge. Contest of enterprise case analysis built a bridge between students in our college and social communication, closed the distance between college students and enterprises, made students have a more comprehensive understanding on enterprises to guide students in future employment.

2. Recital contest of ¡°Voice Heading Cup¡±
     On May 24, the second recital contest of ¡°Voice Heading Cup¡± began. The contest was divided into professional group and non-professional group. This contest was hosted by Students¡¯ Union Association and undertook by Recitation Association. It aimed to create campus culture atmosphere which is full of passion and youth spirit to show graceful bearing of the modern college students, and to select excellent talents in recitation for our college.

3. Contest of drama play in foreign language

     On May 25, Cultural Exchange Association of China and South Korea held contest of English drama show. The association members were divided into groups. The drama show was finally formed through rehearsal for a long time. Students majoring in performance in Students¡¯ Union Association assessed the short play as judges. This contest improved students¡¯ interests in English, Korean, Japanese and other foreign languages and deepened students feelings within society.
     Association Art Festival is a grand gathering for students in our college. It provides platforms for students to show their specialty talents, spirit and youth. It must promote the inheritance and innovation of campus culture in our college. The period for this association art festival is one week. The TV Station in Jinzhou New District made follow-up report to the opening ceremony and series of activities of Association Art Festival for our college.


Source: the Students Affairs Department  Adding time: June 3, 2013