The School Greeting over 3000 Freshmen of Grade 2017 August 24, 2017

via: Dalian art college date: 24/08

The cool autumn in August is the time to receive freshmen again.

On August 23, the receptionist work for Grade 2007 freshmen was officially initiated. The freshman receptionists greeted students over the country with smiles, cordial greetings and considerate service.

President Wang Junxian cared about arrangement of freshmen registration and asked to facilitate students and parents. Principal Jiang Maofa also inspected the scene of freshmen registration.

The scene of freshmen reception was crowded with busy people. Student volunteers patiently answering various questions raised by students and parents. Volunteers positively carriage luggage for freshmen and chatted with them. Freshmen became amiable to the volunteers and the senior students also introduced the college happily in response. Despite of crowds, all was in order. In the freshmen reception work this year, Park of Culture and Creativity of the College opened Phoenix Market on the scene to display cultural creative products of Park of Culture and Creativity of Dalian Art College, planting genes of innovative thinking of the College.