Successful Application of College for National Projects Making Historical Breakthrough July 15, 2017

via: Dalian art college date: 15/07

Recently, approval results of ¡°National Art Fund Project 2017¡± were released. Dalian Art College ranked the first in number among applying institutes in Liaoning Provinces by receiving 5 established products including 1 for stage art creation, 1 for art talent training, and 3 for youth art creation talent with the total fund of RMB 2.65 million.

National Art Fund was established on December 30, 2013 to boom art creation, train art talents, create and publicize competitive works, and promote sound development of art undertaking. 

Achievements made by Dalian Art College in application for National Art Fund Project symbolizes full national approval of the art creation ability and talent training level of the college, which is of great importance to gradual improvement of educational and teaching quality and school running level.

According to statistics of the reviewing report of National Art Fund Project, in aspect of large stage play and works in 2017, 966 projects are applied, 230 projects are reviewed and 135 projects are established with assistance, with an establishment rate of 14%. Our school established a project with funding of RMB 1.2 million. In aspect of art talent training, 931 are applied, 262 projects reviewed and 145 projects established with assistance, with an establishment rate of 15%. Our school established a project with funding of RMB 1 million. In aspect of youth art creative talent, 2538 are applied, 678 projects reviewed and 348 projects established with assistance, with an establishment rate of 13.7%. Our school established 3 projects with funding of RMB 450,000. 

According to statistics of school application, 13 are applied for national Art Fund Project, 5 more than that in 2016, with growth rate of 62% and establishment rate of 38%, higher than the national average establishment rate of 14. 1% by 24 percentage points. 

Outlining Regional Cultural Characteristics and Training Excellent Art Talents

With advocating patriotism, inheriting and carrying forward Chinese traditional culture as the main line in combination of development requirements in Liaoning and northeast economic society, efforts are made to outline regional characteristics, fully improve cultural quality of people and strengthen cultural soft power of the country. Manchu Folk Handicraft Inheritance and Innovative Talents Training applied by Deputy Professor Zhang Zhiyu as the principal extracts the meta-language of Manchu folk handicraft by semiological method and realize creative transformation and innovative development by applying modern design method to inherit and innovate Manchu folk handicraft lively, showing how outstanding art work and products guide the social life and aesthetic attitude.

Carrying forward Patriotism and Creating Classical Products of Stage Art

The large stage art project Symphony of Sea-route is art classics compiled by President Wang Junxian and composed by Art Director Gao Dalin with strength of the college. The performance groups are the Symphony Orchestra and chorus of the college. The project theme is to carry forward patriotism, popularize maritime culture and emphasize the meaning of sea-route exchange under the background of ¡°the Belt and Road.¡± 

Valuing on Art Diversity and Youth Leading Teachers Standing out

Assistance Project of Youth Creative Talents provides an important platform for development of youth teachers and encourages youth teachers to engage in high-level art creation and improve art influence. 3 of the projects of Dalian Art College in 2017 are for youth creative talent, accounting for 60% of the total application projects.

Liu Yangyang¡¯s oil painting work ¡°Green Hill ¡¤ Deep Soil¡±takes root in the southern Liaoning culture as an embodiment of pursuit for Chinese classical aesthetics ¡°Integrity of Heaven and Human¡± in cultural value. Combination of materials and oil painting widens the dimension of oil painting language and is of certain significance of innovation in painting noumenal language.

Wang Yuan¡¯s articraft work ¡°Imperial Palace and Versailles ¨C Innovative Design of Interior Decoration Textile¡± shows images of Chinese and western flower patterns and the combined Chinese and Western artistic feature that was popular in the 18th and 19th centuries through innovation and redesign of traditional flower patterns. And they are used in modern house decoration textile as decorative wall hanging.

Chen Qiu¡¯s Chinese painting product ¡°Youth¡± was produced in process of implementing the guideline of ¡°jointly creating the art peak of great rejuvenation Period of Chinese people.¡± The product focuses avant-garde youth in the city homeland in combination of the time theme and captures new development, new changes and new atmosphere of the era to praise happiness of life in the new era and show positive, sunny and optimistic attitude and life pursuit of the contemporary youth.

The application processes present the following characteristics:
Firstly, the project application is valued by leaders, supervised by supervisors with a clear direction. 

Secondly, good initiatives of the school, upsurge of teachers¡¯ enthusiasm for application and gradual enhancement of the capacity for scientific research;

Thirdly, the application is organized in an orderly way and experts are organized to give guidance and improve it continuously.

It is believed that with assistance from the State and strong support from the college the creation level will be lifted to make products better mirror the time theme and regional characteristics better, inherit and carry forward Chinese excellent traditional culture, and go deep among the masses.

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July 15, 2017