Summary and Praise Meeting on 2nd Session of ¡°Campus Reading Month¡± June 30, 2017

via: Dalian art college date: 30/06

Recently, the Summary and Praise Meeting on 2nd Session of ¡°Campus Reading Month¡± was held at report hall in the library with more than 300 representatives of teachers and students. Before the praise meeting, deputy head of library Wang Hua gave a summary report on series activities of ¡°Campus Reading Month¡± and thanked for the strong support from all teachers and students.

During the two-month ¡°Campus Reading Month¡±, various activities have been provided, such as ¡°Enjoy Reading Pleasure in Dalian Art College¡± initiative signing activity, ¡°Green Channel for Borrowing and Returning¡± and ¡°Enjoy Beauty of Reading¡± share of reading competition, etc., which let students recognize that reading is not only a way to gain knowledge, but also a pursuit of life, an attitude toward life.

It was reported that total 20 people won the reward named reading many books. What¡¯s more, teacher Jin Qiuyue was rewarded as the closest partner of library; Art Design College was praised as the college with the best atmosphere for reading. Meanwhile, commemorative certificates were also given to the excellent members working part time and reader¡¯s association.

In order to promote the reading atmosphere, effectively allocate and utilize the resources, the library called on teachers and students to participate in the book donation activity during the ¡°Campus Reading Month¡±, which was greatly supported by all subordinate colleges. Art Design College donated the largest amount of books up to 2,483. In order to show its gratitude, the library prepared lottery game for teachers and students. Although the gifts were a little bit small, they were full of enthusiasm of library¡¯s organizers!

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June 30, 2017