Ceremony for 2017 Graduation and Degree Awarding June 30, 2017

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On June 29, the ceremony for 2017 graduation and degree awarding was held. Participants from Chairman Wang Xianjun, Executive Chairman Wang Jing, President Jiang Maofa, Secretary Yu Aihua to head of each department and representatives of graduates attended the ceremony. Vice head of teaching department Zhang Xiaomei presided over the ceremony.

Vice president Wang Xianzhang and Liu Yongfu read out the decision on the grant of graduation, completion and bachelor¡¯s degree and announcement on the honor of excellent graduates. Chairman Wang Xianjun, President Jiang Maofa and some other leaders granted excellent graduates with honorary certificate and representatives of graduates with graduation certificate and certificate of bachelor¡¯s degree. Representative of teachers Guan Yueyue gave the ¡°last lesson¡± for students that they should keep struggling bravely with dreams and persistence after graduation. Representative of graduates Guo Bin recalled his college life to express his deep attachment to the college and gave his best wishes. Representative of alumni Wang Dongxu hoped that fellow students will advance courageously with dreams, courage, beliefs and identity as ¡°graduate of Dalian Art College¡±.

President Jiang Maofa addressed: ¡°Today is not the ending but a milestone witnessing your independence and maturity. You should keep advancing to compose a magnificent melody and achieve the gorgeous dream in your life with ¡®gene of Dalian Art College¡¯ that is striving to be the best! No matter when and where you are, Dalian Art College is always your strong supporter and harbor of life journey.¡±

Chairman Wang Xianjun said with great emotion: ¡°From today on, you will begin a new journey out of college to fulfill Dalian Art College¡¯s responsibility and dream with identity of Dalian Art College¡¯s member forever. Looking forward to see all of you be yourself and be charming in the future. Remember, when you feel tired, come back for your youth memory and take a short rest so as to further advance¡­My little kids, remember, I will wait for your coming in Dalian Art College, your strong supporter.¡±

In the past 17 years, we have established 3 campuses respectively situated at No. 92 of Dongbei Main Street, No. 39 of Liaoning Street and No. 19 of Tonghui Road. Although we will live and work somewhere else after graduation, we still deeply love the college represented by the phrase ¡°I love Dalian Art College and will always be with it.¡± Today, giving a ¡°farewell¡± to classmates when parting from; in the future, giving a ¡°success¡± to alumni when coming back.

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June 30, 2017