Successful Premiere of Original Large Stage Play- ¡°New Silk Road¡± September 21, 2017

via: Dalian art college date: 21/09

On September 20, the premiere ceremony of large stage play New Silk Road, created and rehearsed by Dalian Art College, was held in DDA Grand Theater under the sponsorship of Party Working Committee of Jinpu New Area, Dalian and Dalian Literature and Art Circles. Adopting rich stage performance forms including interaction between people and screen, scenarios, multi-layer alternation and cultural and artistic elements full of energy from different regions, countries and nations, the play from the perspective of youth presented the spiritual essence of ¡°The Belt and Road¡± initiative via the artistic show. The continuous shows were so fantastic that the audiences were greatly satisfied, which was the embodiment of spiritual quality of Dalian Art College to concentrate on the stage, to cultivate people in practice, to be brave to take on and to be the first.

Dalian Art College has again mobilized the whole college to carry out the literary and artistic play as well as practical teaching masterpiece since the ¡°Peace Trilogy¡± (Tangruowang, Soul of Sakura, and Peace Ode), making it a special play for ¡°19th National Congress¡± and ¡°The Belt and Road¡± initiative.

The large stage play New Silk Road is a large play composed of music, dance, drama, literature, multi-media, costumes, accessories and character modeling with concerted efforts from many aspects, including college Chairman Wang Xianjun who takes control of planning, direction and draft; grade-A author professor Ruan Zhenming and young teachers to write; composer Gao Dalin who leads to compose; as well as famous experts and national professors of college to lead the core teachers from all majors to participate and students as a main body to perform.

Divided into color and emotion, New Silk Road, profound and full of cultural accumulation as well as beautiful and youthful, offered an audio-visual feast with the combination of the ancient and the present, home and abroad by fusing space-time elements of history and the east with that of modern and the west combining with prologue, epilogue and four chapters. At the beginning, the scenario named ¡°Camel Bell in the Desert¡± told a story about a college student who is about to graduate follows his teacher to tour for art in countries along ¡°The Belt and Road¡±, which presented local distinctive culture and customs. The scenario gave the audiences a chance to personally experience the wonderful cultural and natural customs along ¡°The Belt and Road¡± with the help of original folk music. The audiences appreciated the related typical characters and stories from thousands of years ago along ¡°The Belt and Road¡±, such as The Envoy Zhang Qian to the Western Regions and Zheng He¡¯s Voyages showing with rich color of literature and history. The play showed young talents¡¯ love for the essence of human civilization, spirits and vitality for the exploration road for innovation development and lofty aspiration and ambition and encouraged more and more young students to engage in great course of the construction of ¡°The Belt and Road¡± with profound belief.

The plays of New Silk Road showed attractive performance with perfect stage picture. Its prelude brought mysterious color, groping spirit and the Western Regions¡¯ cultural appearance. It also reflected the sublime coordination of multi-space-time, multi-occasion and multi-spot performance in the plays of powerful symphony, chorus, leading chorus, vocal solo, vivid performance, recitation and music drama as well as the dances of Bengali Foot Bell Dance, Chinese Single Drum Dance, African Hunting Dance and Xinjiang ethnic dance; comprehensive visual effect generated by LED, light, audio, costumes and stage property is so shocking that presents subtle blend of stage art and stage technology. Thus, the play has created an epic grand artistic style to enjoy again and again.