Introduction to Dalian Art College

Logo of Dalian Art College

     Dalian Art College is a full-time regular institution of higher learning for undergraduate education approved by the Ministry of Education, incorporated into the national enrollment plan, and engaging in higher education in art. The college was founded in January, 2000, and Dalian Art College of Northeastern University, as approved by the Ministry of Education, was established in December 2003. Dalian Art College of Northeastern University was re-established as an independent undergraduate college, Dalian Art College (institution code: 13599), in April 2009, as approved by the Ministry of Education. In April, 2011, Dalian Art Professional College, as an organized system, was incorporated into Dalian Art College as approved by the People’s Government of Liaoning Province.


Chinese Name: 大连艺术学院

Founding Date: 2000

Category: Undergraduate College

Chairman: Wang Xianjun 


English Name: Dalian Art College
Location: Dalian, China 

Competent Authorities: Educational Department of Liaoning Province 

Incumbent President: Jiang Maofa 

The area covered: more than 60 hectares (the gross planned floor area: 360,000 square meters)          
The number of students at school: 12,000 plus (undergraduates and junior college students)

Major Schools (Departments):
Schools of Music, Media, Art and Design, Film and Television, Fine Arts, Fashion, Drama, Culture and Arts Management, Humanity and Social Sciences

School Motto:
Ethical Understanding – Professionalism – Pragmatism – Aesthetic Fulfillment  

        Dalian Art College adopts the President Responsibility System under the leadership of the Board of Directors, adheres to the educational mission of serving the local community economy, supporting social cultural development, fostering future professionals in the arts and related areas of commerce, and seeking to develop individual personal talents to the highest level. Over more than 10 years the college has set up  seven faculties and one department: School of Music, School of Film and Television, School of Fine Arts, School of Art and Design, School of Fashion, School of Culture and Arts Management, and Division of Humanity and Social Science. The undergraduate courses include the 26 majors of musicology, music performance, painting, environmental design, visual communication design, product design, arts and crafts, dance performance, broadcasting and hosting art, Japanese, business management, marketing, accounting, e-commerce. The higher vocational junior college courses include the 28 majors of music performance, art and design, film and television animation, film and television performance arts, dance performance, broadcasting and hosting, logistics management, hotel management, applied Korean, applied Italian, cultural undertaking management, and 22 professional orientations (career options).
  The College lies in the Jinzhou New Area (Development Zone) of Dalian and covers an area of 761,500 m2, with a floor area of 240,000 m2. It provides excellent study and living conditions for nearly 12,000 students from around the country with standardized teaching facilities and student dormitories creating an institution of higher learning that integrates the highest ideals of life and service. To meet the requirements of its sustainable development, the college is planning to construct a new 364,000 m2-floor area campus combining high-level construction quality with a unique architectural style that will reflect modern concepts and thoughtful consideration in its architecture and the surrounding landscape.
     The College has a teaching staff with high teaching and research levels as well as excellent professional ethics. The College’s students pursue excellence an achieve major awards on a steady basis. There are 437 provincial and municipal-level meritorious students, outstanding class leaders, and League cadres. They have won 57 awards at national-level competitions, 72 at the provincial-level, and 86 at the municipal-level  respectively.
    The College’s entry Fishing Girls by the Sea won second prize for group dance performance in the 9th National “Peach and Plum Cup” Dance Competition
    The College’s chorus won “Excellence Award” in the 7th China Music “Gold Bell Awards” Choral Competition
    The “Golden Jasmine” award at the 3rd China Choral Festival of “Two Sides Across the Strait” competition, reached the finals of the 14th CCTV National Young Singers TV Contest and was ranked 13th, and was invited to take part in the 2010 National Teachers’ Day variety show
    Mo Longdan, a student at the School of Music won the championship at the 2010 National “Lovely Flowers” Contest
    In the first national exhibition of colleges and universities’ costume (design) major teaching achievements, undertaken by our College in 2010, the contestants from our College won 7 big prizes in garment design and fashion model contests
    The College’s male voice choir won the gold award in the Cross-Strait Choral Festival Competitions in April, 2011
    The folk music ensemble headed by Chairman Wang Xianjun won 4 gold awards at the “14th Belarusian International National Music Festival” in June, 2011
    The College’s male voice choir won the silver award in the choral competition of the 8th China Music “Gold Bell Award” in 2011
    DAC won the silver award for pop performance and the bronze award for ethnic performance at the 3rd National College Students’ Art Exhibition and Performance of the 2011 “Divine Land Singing” in 2011
    Won the silver award for swimwear fabric pattern design at the 1st “Phinikiss - Huludao Xingcheng Cup” Chinese Swimwear Design Contest in August, 2011 and Hou Jian and other three students won excellence awards
    The “-30℃” Chamber Ensemble won gold at “The 64th World Cup Accordion Championship Chinese Accordion Show Performance” in 2011
    DAC won 3 gold medals and 1 silver medal at the 25thDalian International Marathon Race in April 2011, two gold awards – the full-distance women’s championship and the half-distance men’s championship at the Beijing International Marathon on October 16
and the women’s championship and second place at the Hangzhou International Marathon on November 6.
    DAC’s street dance team won the “Collective Breaking” first prize, the “Collective Dancer” second prize and third prize in the 2011 Street Dance Championship for college students in Liaoning Province
    The College organized teachers to take part in the appraisal of art exhibition and performance papers in Liaoning Province
    The 6 papers recommended by DAC College all won prizes, and DAC achieved good results, with 5 papers awarded first prize and 1 paper third prize
    DAC reached good results in the 3rd National College Students’ Art Exhibition and Performance event, with 18 works winning prizes awarded by the provincial Education Department, and 4 winning prizes awarded by the Ministry of Education
    The photographic works Soar and Dancing by Chairman Wang Xianjun were honorably awarded the “Graceful Style” prize and his sketch The Place Nearest to the Sky and oil painting Who Has Touched the Strings were respectively awarded the Group B third prize.
    DAC has been presented with the national campus “Excellent Organization Award” by the Ministry of Education.
    The Athletic Club Marathon Team of DAC won three championships, two second places and two third places in the “26th Dalian International Marathon Race and 2012 National Marathon Points Race”
    In the national instrumental music exhibition and performance event of Liaoning Province’s higher institutes of art, concluded in Shenyang in June, 2012 Dalian Art College’s (DAC’s) ethnic (national) orchestral music ensembles Seeking, Exorcising Demons, Shadows of Dance, etc were awarded three gold metals and three silver metals. The College won a twin best orchestra gold prize, and the specially-appointed professor Gao Dalin won the “Best Conductor Award”
    The College’s entry Life Is a Dream was honorably awarded the second prize for group dance performance and repertoire respectively in the 10th National “Peach and Plum Cup” Dance Competition in August, 2012 and won the gold medal of the 5th Liaoning Dance Lotus Prize
    The body language play Generals of the Yang Family  won the “Award for Outstanding Directing” and the “Award for Unit Organization” at the Third National Campus Theater Festival in 2012.